OnePlus 10 Pro tips and tricks

Sometimes, I get cute photos of my friend's dog while I work. I look at the image on my phone, and I get sucked into a vicious 

Work-Life Balance 2.0

circle that makes it difficult to procrastinate. These situations can be solved with a feature.

The Work-Life balance 2.0 feature on OnePlus 10Pro allows you toggle between notification profiles based upon your Wi-Fi network,

 time, or location. To reduce distractions during a flow, you may create a job account. Only hand-picked apps can be included in your downtime.

Tool Box 2.0

Tool Box's new feature was designed for gamers. If you like to play games on your smartphone you have probably had times when you needed

to screen-record gameplay or view the thermals. However, to do this you would need to switch between various apps.

The OnePlus 10 Pro Tool Box 2.0 is a tool that allows you to use several features while playing a game. It allows you to monitor data and screen record the moments that you like in the game.