Oneplus 10 pro
Work-Life Balance 2.0

Sometimes, I receive cute pictures from a friend while working. I see the image and get pulled into a vicious cycle of procrastination

 However, there is a way to get out of these situations. The Work-Life Balance 2.0 feature in OnePlus 10 Pro

 you switch between app notification profiles based either on time, location or Wi-Fi network

You can set up a work account in order to reduce distractions while you are working in a flow. 

This feature only allows you to access handpicked apps during your downtime.

 Since OxygenOS' inception, OnePlus has provided a lockbox for its file manager. Now the name of the feature is Private Safe.

Private Safe

Private Safe works like a virtual locking box that you can use to secure all your data. This includes images, audio, video, documents and many more.