OnePlus 9 Pro Tips and Tricks

Boost Your Download Speeds

Dual-Channel Network Acceleration (OnePlus 9) is a technology that allows you use both Wi Fi or mobile data to improve your download speeds.

This will benefit people who live near slow Wi Fi speeds. They'll be able to use both Wi Fi + mobile data to download large files quicker.

To enable Dual Channel Network Acceleration on your OnePlus 9, go to Settings > Wireless & Network > Dual Channel Network Acceleration.

You have the option to use both Wi Fi or mobile data in poor connections to improve network stability. For this, enable the Intelligent Network Connection option.

OnePlus has a Pro option within its camera application. To capture better photos from the primary rear-facing cameras of these phones

Take Pro-Level Photos

the Pro mode can be used if you know the ISO, shutter speed and exposure settings. 

 You can also capture and save photos in the RAW/DNG mode in this mode to have greater flexibility when editing later.