Peloton’s rower arrives in December, priced at $3,200

Peloton Row is not a secret. In May, the connected fitness company confirmed long-standing rumors and teased the rowing device in a member's clip

 Today, the connected fitness firm has finally revealed details on its latest home-based addition.

The Row is available for preorder in the U.S. beginning today. It costs $3,200. All-Access membership costs $44 per month.


While it is not required for rowing, the All-Access Membership costs $44 per month. However, Peloton has always enjoyed classes 

and other content. If you have All-Access and are already paying, you can add the Row for free

Because rowing is a full-body exercise that puts less stress on the body than running, it has seen a rise in popularity. Aviron, Hydrow and CityRow have done a great job in bringing these

Peloton wanted to be involved in this action so it's not surprising. However, continuing struggles with manufacturing and finances have likely resulted in a delayed launch.