Redmi note 10 5g tips and tricks


Your phone may heat up when you're gaming. This is normal. You can take short breaks to allow your Xiaomi Redmi Note105G to cool down.

Bulky Cases

Get rid of the Bulky Cover. Your device may not be protected from falls if it has a Bulky Case. Thicker corners make the best cases.

Buggy Apps

Your device's camera can quickly drain the battery if it is used for a prolonged period of time. Your phone can also get overheated.

Flash on the Xiaomi Redmi Note105G will heat the battery and cause it to drain faster. Turn off the flash if you don't need it.


Resource Hungry

Anything resource-hungry can heat your Xiaomi Redmi Note 10, 5G. Gaming, editing videos, WiFi Hotspot, screen mirroring and streaming are all common resource-hungry jobs.


When your phone is charging, take out the case. Your Xiaomi Redmi Note 105G will dissipate heat more efficiently and faster without the case.


Use only the original/compatible charger. It is recommended to use a charger that was certified by the smartphone brand or one from the brand.