Rockstar Games Might Have Remastered Los Angeles

Rockstar Games has begun work on a remastered edition for Midnight Club Los Angeles. The new edition does not include Kari's song Dandy, 

which was written by him and used for the soundtrack. He thanked Rockstar Games through Twitter for regaining his license.

Rockstar Games has again licensed my song Dundy Lion feat Paul St. Hilaire for the #midnightclublosangeles game

The official trailer as well the in-game music will be used to remake the classic MCLA edition (for the latest generation consoles).

This is not an official announcement. The tweet should be considered a casual indiscretion. Although you could have discussed the Los Angeles

 situation in the past, the claims made by an expert on the soundtrack to video games are not valid. What was the Christmas soundtrack?

The tweet was immediately removed. However, the game is still not announced. But, the omelette is done, as they say. Someone has kept it and republished it online.