Samsung galaxy a13 tips and tricks


The SoC of the phone, also known as the processor, is responsible for overheating. Second is the battery and third is the screen.

It's normal for your phone's temperature to rise. The following trick can be used to determine if your smartphone is heating up.

To determine if your phone really is "Overheating", you can place it on your ears and cheeks just as you would while speaking on a call.


Your phone will heat up when you're gaming. It is normal. You can take short breaks to allow your Samsung Galaxy A13 cooling down.

Bulky Cases

You can get rid of your Bulky Case. The Bulky Case doesn't mean your device will be safe from falls. The thicker corners make for the best cases.

 Video Recording

Your device's camera can quickly drain the battery if it is used for a prolonged period of time. Your phone can also get overheated.

The flash on the Samsung Galaxy A13 camera will heat the phone and drain the battery quicker. Turn off the flash if you don't need it.