Samsung Galaxy A53 tips and tricks

Always show the brightness slider

Smartphones have improved their auto-brightness in recent years. However, it is sometimes less effective on mid-range smartphones.

Sometimes, you may want to adjust the brightness manually without needing to swipe twice. To make it easier to adjust the brightness, swipe one down from the top of your screen.

Simply swipe down twice to bring up the quick settings shading and tap on the three dots in each corner. Choose the 'Quick Panel layout'

Show or hide the camera cutout 

Sometimes the visuals in certain apps don't fit on the screen, especially for games. Samsung has placed a bar across the

top of the screen to hide the camera punchhole cutout. But, this can be changed manually for any app.

Let's say you want to modify Call of Duty or Mario Karts. Go to Settings > Display, and find 'Full Screen Apps. The camera cutout

 option will appear at the bottom. This will display a list of all the apps installed. You can choose the one you wish to change and click on it.