SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 tips and tricks


The Galaxy S20 smartphones support 120Hz refresh rates. However, the default rate is set at 60Hz to avoid battery drain. It is possible to test this feature however.

Scroll down to Motion Smoothness and go to Display Settings. Tap on the 120Hz button to scroll smooth.


You should note that the 120Hz refresh rates are only available for HD+ and FHD+ screen resolutions. If you switch to

the richer WQHD+ resolution screen, the phone will automatically return to the default refresh speed


Face recognition is now a mainstream feature. Phone makers have improved this feature over the years so that the lock screen can be opened in seconds.

This advanced feature can still be used when you add accessories like dark-tinted sunglasses. This issue has been addressed with

 the new Alternate Look feature in One UI 2.0. You can find Biometric and Security under Settings. Tap on Face recognition > Create an alternate look.