Scarlett Johansson Revealed Her $11 Beauty Secret

Scarlett Johansson has a beauty secret that will make your skin look amazing. And guess what? It costs just $11.

The Black Widow actor recently gave an exclusive interview to Who What Wear and shared some of her beauty routine.

When actresses are short on time, they have a quick, easy way to make sure that their makeup is ready for the day.

Pat McGrath is a makeup artist and one of our top picks for highlighters with darker skin tones. He shared with Scarlett a stunning beauty tip.

Many luxury mascaras, such as Max Factor, are made in the same factory as Max Factor. They use the same formulas. Scarlett said that Max Factor mascaras work the same way as super-expensive brands.

"Actually, it's the same basic things -- just cleansing, priming, moisturizing my skin -- that I find works best," Scarlett told the site.

"I normally use A+D Ointment, and apply it to my cuticles, nose, and around my eyes. It basically just lathers moisture on my face.