Speculation about Tesla's possible return at TSMC for advanced self driving chips

TSMC had its first in-person Technology Symposium, which was also a virtual event. The event featured TSMC 3DFabric, its advanced system integration service, and specialty technology.

Tesla was among 37 heavyweight customers invited to share success stories from collaboration with TSMC. It sparked

speculation as to whether this would be Tesla's return to the foundry to make automotive chips.

Peter Bannon represented Tesla at symposium as VP of low voltage electronic at Tesla, and is currently responsible for the development of autonomous driving chips.

According to industry sources his presence was interpreted by some as a sign that Tesla may be considering TSMC for the fabrication of its advanced EV-chips.

According to the sources, Tesla plans to continue using Samsung's 7nm technology node for its Hardware 4.0 Chips after it had its Hardware 3.0 autonomously driving chips 

However, sources claim that TSMC is poised to secure all Tesla's orders in the near future due to its technology leadership and capacity in sub-7nm process.