Tesla to fix window software in 1M of its U.S.-made cars

Tesla is sending out an over-the-air update to a million of its vehicles in the U.S. to fix faulty window software that could leave occupants with pinched fingers.

According to a document from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Tesla engineers discovered that certain window 

reversal requirements may not be met by affected vehicles. It stated that the window could sometimes exert more force than necessary

before retracting automatically when it detects obstructions like fingers. According to NHTSA's document, this situation "may increase the risk for a pinching injury in the occupant".

The recall affects certain Model 3 sedans model years 2017-2022, a number Model Y SUVs model years 2021-22, and some Model S sedans/Model X SUVs model years 2021-2022.

Tesla CEO Elon Tesla said Friday that Tesla was not physically recalling 1.1million vehicles. The company only issued a "tiny update" to fix the pinching windows problem.

These Tesla cars won't recognise certain objects as they close their windows, which could cause "a pinching Injury to the occupant."