They Were told that they'd find great tech jobs. 

Aaryn Johnson, a Black Alabama resident, was drawn to Flockjay by her idea that she could make $75,000 per annum in the tech sector after just 10 weeks of boot camp.

It's recessionproof even in a Global Pandemic." The best part is that Flockjay students don't have any tuition fees until they land a job earning at least $40,000 per annum.

Johnson submitted her application and signed an enrollment agreement when she discovered that Flockjay was closing down admissions to the class

Johnson believes Flockjay delivered less than it promised. Her 7-year old nephew could have completed the curriculum, she said

Johnson had entered the illegal arena of tech boot camp. These camps, which are among thousands of unaccredited school that sell their services to students

 While unaccredited schools have always thrived in the U.S.A, this new wave attracts students through an innovative funding model called an "income share agreement"

Johnson is now being harassed daily by Meratas. Meratas has been collecting tuition from her Flockjay account despite Johnson telling them she didn’t receive the education Flockjay promised