Tim Cook hinted at an AR future that is 'profound

Many rumors are circulating about Apple's soon-to-launch AR glasses. Customers have eagerly awaited for them to be made a reality.

 Apple tends not to release things from its Cupertino vault. But CEO Tim Cook's recent comments during a BBC interview are boosting excitement.

Cook discussed diversity and the roles of women in tech. He stated that "In future, people will wonder what we did without AR."

While AR features can be enjoyed on an iPhone or iPad, they don't have the same fun factor as AR glasses. Many people ask the question "When?"

 When can we expect Apple's AR/VR glasses to be available on the market? And what is their price?

Ming-Chi Kuo is an Apple analyst who believes that they could be launched as early as January 2023. However, others believe 2024 to be more realistic

 Apple products are rarely launched unless they are ready to go on the market and can be dominated by them.