vivo y21 tips and tricks

Heating Problem in vivo Y21

Heating is acceptable while you are doing the following on your phone. You can read the tips to help minimize heating.


Your phone may heat up when you're gaming. This is normal. You can take short breaks to let your vivo-Y21 cool off.

Bulky Cases

You can get rid of your Bulky Case. The Bulky Case doesn't mean your device will be safe from falling. The thicker corners make for the best cases.

Buggy Apps

Use apps from respected developers. Make sure to install all apps from Google Play Store.

Extended Video Recording

If your phone is not used for a while, the camera will drain your battery fast. It also heats up your phone.

If you use the flash on, the flash heats vivoY21 and causes the battery to drain faster. If it isn't necessary, switch off the flash.

Running anything Resource Hungry

Running anything resource-hungry can heat your vivo Y21. Apart from gaming, editing videos, WiFi-Hotspot, screen mirroring,