Explained- Why Is Boycott Pathan Shah Rukh Movie Trending?

The latest action thriller from the actor is due to be released in October after the release his last film Zero in 2018.

The most popular trend on Twitter right now is #BoycottShahRukhKhan, with some internet users asking "Why to praise Pathaan in India?"

Bollywood has long been able to sell utter trash under the banner of movies. This narrative is constantly spun to misrepresent Hinduism and belittle Hindus.

These last two years have seen India unite with Bollywood. An industry whose intolerant school of thought cannot support itself by allowing movies to be boycotted and shown as trash is not an option.

They shared pictures and newspaper articles that showed Khan either supporting Pakistani cricket players or criticizing India's intolerance.

Fans even claimed Shah Rukh Khan supported the enemy country, sharing an old photo that he took with Imran Khan, the prime Minister of Pakistan.

His main motivations include religious fanaticism, antisemitism, anti-national behavior, a pro–Pakistan and anti–Indian position.

Deepika Padukone, King Khan and others will star in the 250 crore-rupee movie. The budget is estimated at around $1 billion. John Abraham and Ashutosh Runa are also key actors in the movie.

Aditya Chpra will be the movie's producer while Siddhart Annand will be its director under the Yash Raj Studios name.

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