xiaomi redmi 10c tips and tricks


Your phone may heat up when you're gaming. It's normal. You can take short breaks to allow your Xiaomi Redmi10C to cool down.

You can get rid of your Bulky Case. The Bulky Case doesn't mean your device will be safe from falls. The thickest cases have thicker corners.

Bulky Cases

Buggy Apps

Be sure to only install apps from well-respected developers.
Buggy apps can cause your smartphone to overheat. Reinstall apps to correct the overheating issue.

Running anything Resource Hungry

You can heat your Xiaomi Redmi10C by doing anything resource-intensive. The most resource-hungry tasks include streaming, editing video, WiFi Hotspot, 


Only use the original/compatible charger. It is recommended to use the original/compatible charger or a certified charger by your smartphone manufacturer.

Firmware Update

A firmware update can solve most problems; it is possible for manufacturers to fix them.

Sometimes multiple firmware updates are available. In this case, the updates are installed one after another.
install all necessary updates