Make-up Tips For New Year & Christmas: A Perfect Guide


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During the Christmas season, it glitters and flashes almost everywhere. Especially under the Christmas tree, the time is enjoyed together with family, friends or acquaintances. This can also be a special experience in a small round. Of course, we want to look good this year to match the occasion and no matter how intimate it gets, the look has to be right. So here are few suggestions for make-up.

Which make-up is right for Christmas? And when is enough or too little drama to the festival? We have put together some make-up tips for you.

When it comes to beauty over the festive season, nothing should be left to chance. As long as it is grey and dark outside, more colour may be used, but the look should be preserved in its naturalness as far as possible and not steal the show from the Christmas tree.

Winter tip for Make-up: Day care for tonic skin

For the right basis of your beauty looks for the holidays, it is very important that the care has been coordinated. It should be close to your own skin type at best. Temperature fluctuations between winter cold and heating air are often noticeable on the face by dry irritated skin. In order to bring the natural protective barrier and the moisture balance back into balance, the skin care must be a little richer. Products with urea, hyaluronic acid and ceramides strengthen damaged skin.

Even more intensively maintain masks, which are allowed to work overnight. They support the regeneration of the skin and strengthen the natural protective barrier. In combination with restful sleep, reic-containing creams and masks work wonders.

Before you can go to make-up, serum and day care should be the right foundation. As a result, the skin already receives the necessary nutrients to soften fine lines and small wrinkles. But be careful: do not apply too much, otherwise the make-up floats on the skin and does not last long.

Many women have an irregular complexion, helping concealer scares and foundation to compensate for bumps. If you have already found your product, you can buy it online. In the search for a new one, however, one cannot avoid the beauty department, because no other product is so important to the tuning to one’s own complexion. The hue is ideally tested on the inside of the wrist. This position comes quite close to the complexion. If it looks delicately luminous here, a natural make-up look succeeds (Make-up).

Set accents with make-up

Your eyes are particularly pretty and your cheekbones particularly well-proportioned? Or do you find your perfectly drawn lips attractive? These areas must offer a special eye-catcher. Eyes can get a beautiful magic through a fine eyeliner. After the whole denzenten nude-look trend, it is now time to make statements again. In winter, the eyes can be noticed by dark tones and contours. Black eyeliner emphasizes it like hardly any other product. A trend that could be seen on numerous catwalks this year.

In everyday life, a lip gloss is applied to personal favorite color for the emphasis on the lips. On the other hand, it may be much more conspicuous on the festive days. Red lipstick is always a good choice. The right sound can change a whole look. Strong nuances perfectly match monochrome outfits or the currently trendy earthy tones. Execution matters. In order to get the edge acuat(Make-up), you have to work with lipliner with red lips.

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Fresh Glow by Blush

A fresh look is a sign of a vital healthy life. In winter, when you spend little time in the air, we don’t get this freshness by nature. With a little blush on her cheeks, a woman quickly conjures up rosy glow in her face. If you want to focus on the cheek area, choose a rouge that is one to two shades darker than the lipstick. To ensure that it does not look mask-like, the right color is crucial.

  • bright pale skin with cool undertone: delicate pink, pink and cool blue-tinged tones
  • tanned olive skin: apricot, warm colors and tones with golden shimmer
  • dark skin: strongly pigmented pink, berry tones or a strong orange conjure a radiance

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