Best Makeup Tips To Make Women Look Younger


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As they near their 40s, women get quite conscious about their looks. This is when their skin starts showing symptoms like wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, etc.  Do you also face these issues? Have you tried the best makeup products but in vain? Well, let us tell you that the key to looking young and fresh is not in using different makeup products, but in using the right products the right way. Here are a few makeup tips that will help you look younger and vibrant than you are already are:

Cut down on the contours

During your 20s and 30s, you might have applied a lot of makeup on the contours of your face to highlight your cheekbones and create shadows. Yes, this might have given you a sharp look, and made you sport a bold look. However, as you reach your 40s, the key is to bring a softer look to your makeup routine. While applying makeup, it should come across as a natural look. This is what is in trend these days. So what do you do? Cut down on the contours and focus more on applying blush and bronzer on your face. This will make you look youthful, in an instant.

Using liquid concealers

liquid concealers

There is no doubt that you might want to conceal the dark spots and fine lines when you step into your 40s. Have you wondered why your makeup appears cakey and your fine lines stand out despite using concealers? It is because you haven’t used the right type of concealers. The key to sporting youthful-looking skin is to use liquid concealers that hide your blemishes and imperfections amazingly well.

Using setting powder sparingly

If you thought using a lot of setting powder would help your makeup remain on your skin for a long time, you are mistaken. Especially in your 40s, you should be more careful about setting powder. The heavy layer that this powder creates can accentuate the very features you have been wanting to conceal. According to our company makeup experts, you can use setting powder, but very sparingly. To sport a youthful look, you should keep your makeup routine as natural as possible. The best way to do this is by applying setting powder only under the eyes, to keep the concealer intact.

Cut down on the use of foundation

You might know by now that a layer of foundation is very important, as it is the base for all other makeup routines to follow on your face. However, when you want to look young and vibrant, you should have a check on the quantity of foundation you use. When using a thick layer, you always run the risk of exposing your wrinkles and fine lines as time flies by. You should ensure that you use a thin layer of foundation uniformly all over your face, focusing only on the sunspots, if any.

All you need to do is keep your skin well-moisturized and use some glowing pink undertones on your skin instead of foundation to pull off the youthful look with elegance and confidence.

Best Makeup Tips To Make Women Look Younger

Get those eyelash curlers to work

Did you know that as you age, your eyelashes keep getting flattened? This can make your eyes dull and lifeless. Don’t worry; here is a simple trick to bring back life to your eyes. Invest in good-quality eyelash curlers and put them to work right away. The slight upward direction of your eyelashes can do a world of good to your looks. This is quite an effective tip because it works well by making your eyes look big and bold, even without the mascara.

Get those eyelash curlers to work

Cut down on dark eye shadows

The last thing you would want is for your makeup to bleed and highlight the fine lines and wrinkles on your face, especially when you are trying to look young and fresh. That’s why experts advise you against using dark-shaded eye shadows. While the smoky effect may have helped you rock the stage in your 20s, it will not help you in your 40s. When these dark-colored eye shadows bleed, they will unnecessarily highlight the attention of fine lines around your eyes. To avoid all this, you should always wear light and soft shades of eye shadows. Brown and grey shades are great choices if you want to look younger.

Hydration is very important

One of the makeup mantras you must remember is that the more hydrated your skin, the younger you will look. So applying a decent bit of moisturizer on your face before makeup is of paramount importance. We already told you to go a little easy on the foundation. Are you worried that not using enough foundation may make your makeup look cakey within a few hours? Don’t worry; here is a simple trick you can follow. Mix about three drops of face oil in the foundation before application. This will not only help to apply makeup evenly on your face, but it will also give your face the natural and youthful glow that you had been looking for.

Watch your lipstick shade

Gone are the days when you used to sport bright and bold lipstick shades and create a fashion statement, wherever you go. However, it would help if you remembered that these bold shades may not look good on your aging skin as you grow old. In fact, these bright shades only accentuate the fine lines and wrinkles.  

Watch your lipstick shade

Hence, an important tip to remember to sport a soft and youthful look is to wear neutral shades. Light browns, subtle pinks and nude shades can give you a clean and vibrant look. As you reach your 40s, you should stay away from wearing plums or dark brown tones.

As you can see, the tips mentioned above may look simple, but they can bring about a vast transformation in your look within minutes. Keep people guessing your age, and watch in pride when your friends’ eyes go green with envy, when you make these soft but effective tricks in your makeup routine.

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