Making websites more accessible for everyone: why it matters


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Website accessibility: Find out why your business needs to put the effort in to have an accessible website that gives all users a great experience with your brand online presence.

Accessibility is how a disabled person is able to access or gain from your website whether on a mobile, laptop or tablet. It should be an incredibly important part of building any site, and yet, it commonly gets bypassed by brands and businesses who don’t see it as a priority.

If you’re still behind in this department, it’s certainly worth understanding more about why it does matter and why you should be taking those next steps to make your website more accessible. To help you, here’s a brief look at the different reasons website accessibility matters:

Accessibility Regulations 2018

Accessibility regulations started on the 23rd of September 2018 and they say that any business has to make a website or Mobile application more accessible. This means that the system must be more usable, understandable or even just visible or audible in some way. Of course, the regulations only go so far and a user may still have, quite frankly, a terrible experience with your website even though you meet the regulations. That being said, you should at the very least be on the right side of the law with these regulations to avoid being sued.

Better search engine rankings

Accessible websites tend to rank higher in search engines because they work well for more people. This is certainly worth considering because you are essentially making your website more accessible to everyone and by doing that, you are making it more visible and visited online.

Those who need Your website the most may find it the hardest to use

A person may not have a choice when it comes to how they shop, or the information they need to access. For that reason, it is important that your website is accessible to them and it is easy for them to use.

Moral correctness

Any business with some degree of moral correctness cares about ensuring they are as accessible as possible in all ways to people who want and need their services. In essence, it is the right thing to do, and if you want to do right by society and by individuals who deserve to access businesses like yours, website accessibility should matter to you.

A vast amount of customers

Many businesses don’t realize that a vast amount of potential customers are in fact disabled. Around 14.1 million people in the UK are disabled, and around 41% of those who are working age and disabled do not feel valued by society. From a business standpoint, it really is a big mistake to ignore this demographic. A disabled person does not only need to access products for disabled people.

A disabled person wants and needs to shop and spend money on a wide range of services and products just like everybody else. Combined, disabled people have a spending power of over £249 billion pounds in the UK alone. By offering an inaccessible website, you’re literally turning down the money of customers who want to spend it.

Website accessibility

It’s time to make your website accessible

The above are just a few of the reasons that website accessibility is important. If you’re looking for some initial practical steps to take, consider adding voiceover descriptions to your written content and ensuring you have different language translations to suit your key audience demographic (whether that be French, Dutch or Cantonese).  Otherwise, don’t forget about text enlargement, keyboard-only navigation and more.

Millions of people deserve to access your website, and every second you don’t make the changes to give them that access, they are losing out on your services and you are losing out on their business. Now is the time to make your website accessible.

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