Manchester City: In 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You The Truth About PLACES TO VISIT IN MANCHESTER CITY


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Manchester City: Manchester is a great travel destination for anyone who likes to explore new places. Manchester has something for everyone, from stunning green spaces to historic buildings and galleries. If you are looking for travel inspiration in the UK’s second-largest city, here are some of our favourite spots!

Like its neighbour Liverpool, Manchester has seen a rebirth due to the Castlefield project, including a museum complex on Liverpool Road. The city’s expanding entertainment and sports facilities have also increased its attractiveness to tourists, making it one of northern England’s finest attractions. With its diverse theatrical and musical events program, the outstanding Opera House is one example.

It is a popular choice for visitors looking for a wide selection of retail possibilities, including St. Anne’s Square’s elegant outlets, King Street’s unique boutiques, and the Royal Exchange’s grand malls. Discover more about this area’s most popular tourist attractions, such as the Manchester Museum, in our rundown of the top tourist spots in Manchester.


Castlefield, designated an Urban Heritage Park, is a fantastic starting point for learning more about Manchester. A stroll down the city’s original canals or through the reconstructed Roman Fort is well worth your time.

The Bridgewater Canal, built-in 1761 to transport coal from the mines at Worsley to Manchester, is worth seeing. The many ancient warehouses that line the canal have been restored and converted into offices, shops, hotels, and restaurants. It’s highly recommended that you take a cruise on one of the Bridgewater canal tour boats.

With its contemporary art exhibitions, the Castlefield Art Gallery and Bridgewater Hall, home to the Hallé Orchestra and first-class concerts, are two more exciting tourist attractions. The Castlefield Bowl hosts frequent pop and classical performances and is well worth visiting.

Science and Industry Museum

The world’s first railway station was on this site, and the Science and Industry Museum is located there today. Its 12 galleries cover various topics, including the Power Hall, which features water and steam-driven machinery from the golden era of textiles production and vintage manufactured-in-Manchester vehicles, including a unique 1904 Rolls Royce.

The Station Building houses a museum that explains the city’s history from Roman times through the Industrial Revolution to the present day.

The Air and Space Museum is another must-see. Here, you’ll see various historical places, such as a replica of A. V. Roe’s Triplane 1, the first British plane to fly successfully.

Imperial War Museum North

The Imperial War Museum North (IWM North) is another must-see, especially if you’re interested in military history. This branch of the Imperial War Museum, established in 2002, features aircraft and battle tanks among its exhibits.

Highlights of a visit include audiovisual presentations and displays that explore the history of warfare and its impact on human development. There are also several immobile exhibits of giant machines such as tanks, planes, guns, and hand weapons. A shop and café are also accessible on the site.

Manchester Cathedral

Manchester Cathedral was initially known as the Collegiate Church of St. Mary, St. Denys, and St. George. It is now officially the Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St. Mary, St. Denys, and St. George – a medieval church raised to cathedral status in 1847 on the banks of the River Irwell in Manchester city.

chester Cathedral
Chester Cathedral – Image Source: Pixabay

It was erected between 1486 and 1508, with many later additions and renovations. The choir stalls, which have some of the most extravagantly adorned misericords in the nation, are worth noting.

The tiny Lady Chapel contains a panel from 1440, and St. John’s Chapel is the chapel of the Manchester Regiment. Murals dating from 1465 depict Christ in contemporary attire inside the octagonal chapterhouse constructed.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic St Mary’s Church is a religious site worth seeing, and it’s something of a hidden gem in Manchester. It was erected in 1794 near the historic Market Hall, also known locally as “The Hidden Gem.” Don’t let the church’s unassuming appearance deter you from visiting it.

St Mary's Church in Manchester Street
Image Source: wikimedia

The chapel’s exterior is accentuated by colourful stained glass windows and outstanding decorative carvings. The high marble altar, statues of saints, and unique Expressionist-style stations of the cross are among the highlights. (Guided visits are available.)

National Football Museum

Manchester is home to two of Europe’s top football clubs, Manchester City and Manchester United. It’s a fantastic location to celebrate the country’s favourite sport because it is also home to both teams. The National Football Museum is the first stop, where visitors can learn about football’s history. The museum has fascinating relics from the game, including the first rulebook and historical cups and costumes.

Chetham’s Library

Chetham’s Hospital, located north of Manchester Cathedral, was founded in 1422. Initially, it was a priest’s residence and now contains the Chetham Music School and Chetham Library, England’s oldest public Library.

Chetham’s Library, a well-known library in the United Kingdom that has been continuously open since 1653, contains more than 100,000 volumes. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels met there while Marx was staying in Manchester. Guided visits are available.

Manchester’s Cathedral Library, founded in 1838 and now part of Manchester University, is also worth seeing for its rich special collections, including medieval books, a Gutenberg Bible, and Caxton’s early printing.

Final Words:

Manchester, a fantastic city in northwestern England, is loved by football fans worldwide. Manchester has much more to offer than only as a sports destination. Manchester is home to some of the world’s greatest museums, as well as excellent live music. This article shares some of the finest Manchester attractions for a beautiful English vacation.


What is Manchester’s weather like?

The weather in Manchester is typically mild with a fair amount of rainfall, and it is more relaxed during the winter months and can be a bit humid during the summer.

What are some excellent places to eat in Manchester?

There are many great places to eat in Manchester, but some favourites include The Gasworks, Rosso, and The French. 

Some best ways to travel around Manchester?

The best way to travel around Manchester is by foot or using the city’s excellent public transport system.

Best budget range for a trip to Manchester?

You should expect to spend around £100-150 per day visiting Manchester. 

What are some other great things to do in Manchester?

Some other great activities and attractions in Manchester include the Imperial War Museum North, The Lowry, and Chill Factore.

What is the best way to travel around Manchester?

The bus and train services in Manchester are excellent, and there are also many taxi firms.

What is there to do for kids in Manchester?

The National Football Museum, Old Trafford Stadium Tour, Etihad Stadium Tours, and The Hidden Gem (Market Hall) are some of the places to visit in Manchester that will be fun for kids.

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