Mary Sanchez: The United States must decide whether to support an elderly individual with a poor memory or one who has malicious intent

Anjali Jain
In a combination of pictures created on Oct. 22, 2020, the GOP's Donald Trump, left, and Democratic candidate Joe Biden during the final presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

America, your options are as follows: One alternative is to support “a sympathetic, well-intentioned elderly man with a poor memory,” as stated in the most recent special counsel report regarding Biden. Alternatively, one may consider the individual positioned behind door number two, who is similarly elderly and undoubtedly not motivated by good intentions, possessing little understanding of reality or the truth.
Not forgetful, but perilous.
Robert K. Hur, the special counsel in the mismanaged document case involving President Joe Biden, did indeed verbalize the silent portion. The president resembles an elderly grandfather who has forgotten things. Nonetheless, he is a good-natured 81-year-old gentleman.

Biden is enraged by the report of the special counsel. Further, it is comprehensible. His critics have just been presented with a tantalizing menu of his political susceptibilities, although this is not novel information.
Long ago, he disclosed this aspect of himself. To make light of it, his supporters are as benevolent and protective of him as Biden is of the presidency. Biden is currently operating at a heightened state of vigilance in order to project an air of confidence and certainty.
Regrettably, he has already committed an error during media interviews when he conflated the president of Egypt and Mexico. These gaffes represent a lamentable state of affairs for Biden; they may have been the result of a momentary lapse in concentration, but they are not the type of chaos that re-election would guarantee former President Donald Trump. Moreover, it is nearly certain that Trump will be the Republican nominee.
Hur’s research outcomes encompassed an evaluation of Biden’s comportment when confronted with inquiries arising from the inquiry into his improper handling of classified documents. They ultimately reached Biden’s garage. The photographs are visually arresting as they expose the president’s lack of caution.
The evaluation of Biden’s cognitive abilities was included in the report’s rationale for the absence of legal proceedings. The prosecutor argued that Biden would likely be perceived by the jury as an elderly man who is slightly disoriented.

Therefore, allegations against Biden in the case involving the documents would likely fail. Establishing beyond a reasonable doubt that Biden intentionally mismanaged the documents would have been required.
Biden’s “limited precision and recall” is exactly how the report characterizes him, expressing the sentiments of a great number of individuals.
Many Democrats, including lifelong supporters, have grave concerns regarding the current president’s candidacy in 2024. He would turn 86 at the conclusion of his second term if elected. Trump is 77 years old, which is quite advanced in age.
Some of Biden’s gaffes are so infamous that they have become legendary that they are not only the topic of much discussion among Republicans and right-leaning cable news hosts. During his youth, they were tolerated on the basis of their mild appeal.
Biden has not earned a reputation for impassioned speech. Bear in mind that this is a crucial fact.
Recent gaffes are being attributed to age-related decline, but it is difficult to determine whether that or his long-standing verbal errors are to blame.
However, come November, these two individuals will be our selections. This dire circumstance is the fault of both political parties.
It is abhorrent that these two are considered the “best” candidates; it ruins the reputation of the entire democratic system. It is appropriate that we nominate individuals who possess the utmost intelligence, experience, insight, and moral fiber, as these qualities are commensurate with the responsibilities of the presidency.
The task of revising a strategic plan that could yield superior candidates will occupy our efforts in the aftermath of the election.
The resolutions of Trump’s ongoing criminal proceedings, including his personal case concerning the mishandling of classified documents, as well as his liability for the January 6, 2021 uprising at the United States Capitol, remain to be seen.
Yet again, Biden has consistently been recognized by the nation as a touch clumsy and inattentive. Additionally, he has never been a bold strongman. This is one of the reasons why his opposition to the Hur report appeared uncomfortable.
Conversely, Biden’s humanity has consistently guided him, starting from his nascent years as a senator maneuvering through Congress to the tragic demise of his wife and daughter in a car accident. We were privy to his sorrow over the demise of his son Beau, in addition to his devotion and faith in his second wife.
We need more examples of this kind of goodness in the American people, not Trump’s lifelong display of avarice, startling sexism, and bigotry.
Re-elected, Biden will assemble a cabinet once more comprised of competent and formidable individuals. Once more, Trump will select lap canines.
Although not ideal, these options on the 2024 presidential ballot are unambiguous.
Biden, alone, is deserving of the presidency. Without a doubt, the alternative, Trump, is not.

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