McAfee: Why do so many people prefer McAfee over other anti-virus programs?


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McAfee is one of the first names that might pop into your vision when looking for a solution to protect your PC against malware and computer viruses. The software has delivered antivirus defense to thousands of notebooks, PCs, tablets, and smartphone users.

But why do so many people prefer McAfee over other anti-virus programs? What makes it the antivirus beast?

McAfee gets regarded as being among the very top antivirus products by both cybersecurity professionals and consumers. The software has high virus detection performance, a range of additional services like their password administrator, VPN, and outstanding customer service. It is also quite simple to get the software started and used.

Learn all you need to know about McAfee antivirus protection in this comprehensive assessment.

Why is it so great?

The word McAfee pops up when it pertains to protecting your PC against cyberattacks. And then why would it not? They hold over three decades of expertise, in which they have grown to be one of the most highly regarded and dependable virus protection providers.

McAfee boasts excellent malware recognition statistics and a plethora of other protection measures. There are several upsides and a few downsides to using it.

Let us take a look at them.

The Pros and Cons of using McAfee Antivirus


  • User-friendly
  • Low-cost multi-user alternatives
  • Excellent client service
  • VPN
  • Administrator for passwords
  • Encoded or password-protected Storage and memory options


  • The iOS version does not offer as many features
  • App boosting features have almost no effect.

Functional Specifications

They provide a spectrum of specs but

  • Virus Detection On-Access   
  • On-Demand Malware Scan
  • Webpage Evaluation
  • Dangerous URL Filtering
  • Defense Against Online fraud
  • Screening Focused on Behavior
  • Check for Vulnerabilities
  • Firewall Security

McAfee is a computer security service software company formed and established in California in 1987. They offer antivirus program solutions to modest and significant businesses and private users.

The company employs approximately 7000+ people, and They offer comprehensive Virtual private network and identity fraud security at reasonable prices. McAfee security software is preloaded in most latest Windows desktops, PCs, and Laptops from system manufacturers like Dell, Asus, etc.

Outstanding features of McAfee Antivirus Solution

McAfee provides an intricate package of safety tools, making them among the top antivirus options. From continually defending your device’s system against malware, cyber fraud, and viruses through providing you with unique tools to accelerate your online navigation and secure your files, information, passwords, and accounts, they have you covered.

Let us explore them.

Ransomware Security

The McAfee Ransomware Defender is their ransomware security software that detects and neutralizes ransomware as soon as or even before it takes control of the system. It has the advantage of not meddling in your internet activity. Once an effort is made to decrypt your documents, it would just protect your computer. Users would not have to compromise any of their data since it would automatically create a backup of all vulnerable documents.


McAfee over other anti-virus programs

When you run the McAfee software, you will additionally get McAfee’s browser addon- McAfee WebAdvisor. This solution gives you rapid insight into McAfee’s extensive protection tools. It also protects your system against viruses and scamming sites while not interfering with your online surfing.

McAfee Quick Cleaning

It will search through the system and remove cookies that are taking up valuable storage space. This will cleanse your PC and accelerate the system. Quick clean displays a record of whatever cookies it may clear off your machine, and users can scan them and decide what to erase.


Perhaps McAfee’s greatest tool is the Shredder function. Usually, securely deleting data is not straightforward as pressing the Delete key. Using McAfee’s Shredder tool, users can ensure that their files are permanently erased and cannot be accessed later.

The three degrees of shredder protection available:

  • When deleting an item, Simple overwrites the data twice.
  • Safely overwrite the data five rounds before deleting it.
  • Overwrite the data at least 10 times before it gets deleted.

Scanner for Vulnerabilities

It checks and finds programs and operating systems that could be exploited for privacy since out-of-date systems could be in major danger. Certain programs must be upgraded for security purposes, and the app prompts you to do so.

Accelerate system

It simply boosts your system’s performance for online browsing and program use. McAfee Web Boost disables auto-play movies, allowing the browser to load faster. McAfee Application Booster accelerates the speed of loading the app.

McAfee’s True Key

True Key is a very well-known password authentication and management solution. It allows users to handle their passwords while maintaining their safety and security.

Valid Key employs a powerful encryption key to ensure that it is almost impossible to decrypt your credentials.

The software also provides multi-factor login to safeguard the accounts better.

McAfee price and packages

McAfee provides various price options depending on the number of machines you wish to safeguard. However, they do not offer a free PC edition. However, you could get a free mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

However, it provides a 30-day trial period, allowing users to try the software before committing to a subscription.

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