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This is not the first time I am sharing my opinions on a Menhood product as I am using the menhood trimmer.

All the products from Menhood, including the trimmer for men’s private parts, are outstanding, but what truly got my eye this time was the “The Baller.” It’s a spray that will keep your private area [I am talking about your balls] completely fresh and odor-free all day. You can use the spray after cleaning your genitals with the menhood trimmer

Honestly, I was speechless when I learned what that spray was all about because I took it as a normal spray for men

Menhood The Baller is a well-balanced and neutralized spray that will keep away all the irritation from your genitals and also prevent bacteria from forming in that area. 

I have been using the product along with the menhood trimmer, and here in this article, I would like to share some things about this “FINEST CREATION.” So, let’s go!! 

Menhood Baller

What Does It Contain? 

One thing I can tell you confidently. All the products from Menhood have a lot of similarities. How? Well, all the products, including the ball trimmer, are designed to keep your privates in good condition and prevent unwanted issues from occurring. This spray from Menhood contains natural ingredients, and some of these ingredients are:

  • Tea Tree Oil: The tea tree oil contains anti-inflammatory properties to soothe the skin near your genitals and keep it away from irritation and pain. 
  • Glycerin: Glycerin plays its part as a humectant because it enables the skin to retain its moisture. 
  • Eucalyptus Oil:  The antibacterial properties of the Eucalyptus Oil present in this “ball spray” are a bit similar to the menhood trimmerHow is that? The menhood grooming trimmer can protect your skin from infection by eliminating all the hair around your private area. 
  • Lemon Peel Extract: The spray contains “lemon peel extract,” which is rich in Vitamin C, which will repair all the damaged skin cells and boost collagen production. 

Why Use “THE BALLER ” From Menhood?

Yes, I know you guys do have a question like this in your head. Don’t stress me, and I will provide you with all the right reasons to use this product. These reasons are:

Keeps Your Genitals Odor Free

You don’t have smelly private parts, and after cleaning it with the menhood grooming trimmerHow to solve this problem? It’s simple, use “The Baller” spray on your genitals right after using the menhood trimmer. This spray offers odor control, and it will work for a long time. It will give you the freedom to keep moving throughout the day, and its moisturizing technology will condition and soothe the skin. 

Bid Adieu To Irritation

Many of you deal with the “itchy” situation in the below-the-belly area. Trust me, I had the same problem. Despite using the menhood grooming trimmer for cleaning, I felt a bit of discomfort down there. But this bally spray will remove irritation and “THROW IT OFF THE CLIFF!!!”. The entire spray is made from natural ingredients [I have mentioned them in this article], and it makes you feel refreshed all day. 

No More Sweating 

Sweating is a massive problem that occurs down there. The menhood trimmer cannot solve this, but the “THE BALLER ” can. The Menhood team has put a lot of love into making this spray so that it can stop the sweating from occurring in your private parts. You don’t believe it, don’t you? Fine!! Use the product after using the menhood trimmer and the results yourself. 

How To Use The BALLER From Menhood? 

Yeah, I can see that weird face you’re making!! But let me tell you, this spray needs to be used correctly, not like how you normally use a spray! 

Clean the area with the baller trimmer and then wash it with water to get it off all the excess hair. After that, dry off the area and then spray “THE BALLER” directly on the skin. You might think it will cause some irritation at first for using the ball trimmer. But it won’t, don’t worry. Once you are done spraying, you can proceed with your daily activities and stay fresh all day. 

Similarities With The Menhood Trimmer

I know this might sound a bit weird, but I found some things to be quite similar about this spray is the best trimmer for balls offered by Menhood. They are:

  • Menhood’s best trimmer for balls will not cause any type of irritation or discomfort to your skin after you use it. This is also the same for the ball spray, preventing irritation from occurring. 
  • The trimmer for men’s private parts will keep your private area bacteria-free and stop redness and itchiness. The ball spray has natural ingredients, stopping the redness and itchiness from occurring and keeping the area fresh. 
  • The price of the best trimmer for balls is reasonable and will fall under your budget. On the other hand, the ball spray is also available at a reasonable price, and you don’t have to pay anything extra. 

Ending Note

Yes, you and I both know Menhood to be the leading providers of menhood trimmer. But apart from offering the best trimmer for balls, they also offer products like the “THE BALLER.” It’s unique, outstanding, and made from some of the best ingredients. When buying the trimmer for men’s private parts from Menhood, purchase this ball spray along with it. 

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