Fashion for Men: 10 Wardrobe Staples For Men


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Fashion for Men: Putting together a slick outfit for your weekend outing might seem like a daunting task, but there’s really not much to it. In the world of men’s fashion, there are various staple pieces that you can rely on, day or night, rain or shine. Well, maybe not rain or shine. You’d need a snazzy raincoat or umbrella for those conditions. Anyway, today we’re talking essentials. The roots. The basics. So, Youtube to mp3 rappers, stay clear. 

We hope these 10 wardrobe essentials for men give your confidence a big boost and also help you spend your hard-earned dollars wisely. 

Black/White Sneakers

We understand that putting together a cohesive outfit in the morning shouldn’t be like Sophie’s choice. Ideally, you’ll be able to whip yourself dapper in just a couple of minutes. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, head over to your local plaza right now and pick up a pair of black or white sneakers. The reason? They go with just about everything. Whether you’re walking to the shops, grabbing a bite to eat, or lounging around at home, black/white sneakers are the reliable option.

The right pair should be stylish but also modest. If you’re not sure where to start, Vans Old Schools and Nike Airforce 1s are both timeless classics that aren’t going out of style anytime soon. 

Daily Watch: A Part of Fashion for Men

Nothing says ‘I’m put together’ like a wearable timepiece. Although phones have stripped watches of their utility, they’re still a sleek option that takes your appearance to the next level. Of course, timepieces are infamous for being pricey, but their are actually plenty of affordable alternatives to the brand names that look just as good to the untrained eye.A classic timepiece such as pocket watches, will elevate any outfit and help show observers that your choices and considered and careful. Timepieces also portray an image of organisation and togetherness, so that’s definitely a nice bonus. 


What do you wear when jeans aren’t enough but suit pants is overkill? Chinos, that’s what. Comfy and simple, chinos are that perfect middle-ground for when you want to look your best without looking like you’re trying too hard. In terms of colour, tan, navy and black should cover your basic needs. Of course, when you can, avoid pairing a black top and navy bottom (or vice versa). When the colours are too similar they just clash in the worst way possible. 

Blue Jeans

The blue jeans have been a cultural phenomenon since the 1800s, and they aren’t going anywhere. Jeans originally garnered popularity with miners and farmers, but today, they’re a suitable choice for almost any everyday activity. Blue jeans are durable, match with almost anything, and they won’t break the bank either. We’d recommend a slim fit for maximum style points, but straight and skinny cuts can work great too. It all depends on your build. This contrubutes very much in Fashion for Men.

White Button Up Shirt

Here’s another piece that takes out all the guesswork. Simply throw on a white button up, and you’re ready for work, a night at the pub, a Sunday picnic, and any other plans you can think of. Simple, elegant, and stylish, the white button up is a timeless piece that works on its own, or with a nice jacket. If you opt for a long sleeve, cuffing those sleeves on hot days is definitely recommended. For style and comfort reasons. 

One Complete Suit: Fashion for Men

A time comes in every man’s life where they need to don a suit. Weddings, funerals, maybe even a job interview. A suit is the penultimate choice for formal occasions, so it’s crucial that you buy (not rent) at least one properly fitting suit. We’d recommend a navy blue, grey, or black suit, as these will be the most versatile options. If you’re looking for a secondary suit, definitely get something a bit more exciting. Fact: Everyone loves a man in a fun suit. Congrats! Now that you own a suit, learn how to tie a tie here. 

Dress Shoes

Not much to say about this one. Unless you own some real stylish boots, you’re absolutely going to need some dress shoes to go with that killer suit of yours. Period. The general rule of thumb is brown dress shoes for blue suits, and black dress shoes for monocoloured suits. In terms of shape, a pointy end is classy, but don’t overdo it. On the other end, rounded dress shoes have never looked good and we wouldn’t recommend trying to break the mould. 


Polarised sunnies, like timepieces, are a fantastic way to elevate your outfit. However, use them wisely and only when necessary. You don’t watch to get labelled as the guy that wears sunnies indoors and at nighttime. If you’re at the beach, definitely make sure you’ve got a pair ready to go – for both functional and aesthetic reasons. 

Sports Tracksuit Pants

Fashion for Men isn’t all glamour and fireworks. The truth is, a lot of your time will be spent at home, where the no. 1 priority should be comfort. In these circumstances, look no further than a pair of trackies. Trackies are warm, soft, and durable, making them the ultimate couch-day piece. However, they’re also great for a quick morning coffee pit stop, or an afternoon exercise walk. What I’m trying to say is that, once you find a snug pair of trackies, you won’t look back. 

Just remember to switch to jeans if you’re actually going out to something important.

Fashion for Men

A Statement Jacket

With all these basic essentials covered, you’re going to need a statement piece to help yourself stand out and bring the entire outfit together. The best way to achieve this is with a funky jacket. Grab one with bright colours or a design you like, then sport it with confidence. Think of it as an attachment to your personality, so be sure to pick one that matches the overall vibe you want to give off. If you’re a little stumped, no sweat. Here are some suggestions to get you started with Fashion for Men: Denim Jacket, Corduroy Jacket, Sports Jacket, Leather Jacket. 

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