Men’s trends 2021: colorful and bold


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Watch out men! This season, airy shirts and gray cargo pants stay in the closet. The upcoming trends for the summer months attract every fashion lover and exude a touch of minimalism, conspicuousness and functionality. What sounds like a wild mix, however, turns out to be an interesting combination that is pushing onto the market from the designer studios of the international brands.

Role models such as footballers and actors make it clear that men can move away from the former fashion sinners and convince with style and class. The footballers from FC Bayern Munich in particular know how to wear good clothes. The fact that the focus is on and influenced by the players is also due to the fact that the great influence of King Football in fashion, food and entertainment is undisputed. While Manuel Neuer is promoting a new kind of fitness concept with the fitness game Vaha , his colleague Jérôme Boateng presents an entire magazine as a style bible. But you can also do without big names: trendy games in the best online casino, which are mostly represented as slot games, also revolve around the topic of football. “Football Champions Cup” or “Football Star” are two examples that perfectly convey the feeling of an exciting game on five reels and impress with their great design and modern look. Football knows what the fans love.

Show your colors

How can the men get on a level with the fashion-conscious athletes this summer? By not being afraid of colors! Neon is considered to be one of the biggest trends that will determine 2021. Bright yellow or screaming green not only attracts attention, but also the ladies. A bit of sensitivity should be demonstrated in the creation of the outfit in order to give the luminous effect some contrast. Dark pants or beige tones can weaken the powerful message of a neon top in a positive way.

If you don’t want to commit to bright colors, you can add more play to the color design with patterns and prints. Bold prints or a daring mix of shapes are real highlights. Don’t be afraid of bold prints! Animal print, floral or abstract: this summer it can be daring. The motto is to attract attention at all costs.

For the courageous trendsetters

Wide trousers, light blousons or classic checks are also among the trends that are expected in men in the summer months. The time to redesign or try out new styles has never been better. However, it is important that men do not allow anything to be imposed on them. The goal is always that a man feels comfortable. Two other aspects of this year’s trend list could therefore cause frowns: pastel colors and trench coats. The soft shades of pale pink, light blue or sun yellow offer plenty of scope for new styles. However, gentlemen should rather equip themselves with a somewhat healthy tan beforehand. Men who are naturally pale skin types quickly appear sickly and colorless in pastel colors. On the other hand, the soft colors look even more powerful on tanned skin. Maybe prefer to wear it after the summer vacation. WithIn case of doubt, the women are ready to provide suggestions and tips on how to do it correctly.

Wearing a trench coat seems rather questionable for the months of June to August. A plausible derivation seems impossible unless a summer thunderstorm is breaking out or a drop in temperature is to be expected. This example shows that not all trends have to be followed. The practical, functional clothing in plus sizes, which is also traded as an insider tip by insiders, will only find buyers among safari vacationers or city hunters. Try it out, feel good and wear it with conviction!

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