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MERCHANT CATEGORY CODES: If you own a business that acknowledges Mastercards, you have a Merchant Category Code (MCC). An MCC is a four-digit code that categorizes your business into ventures for card brands and installment suppliers. A dealer class code, or MCC, is a four-digit number that Mastercard organizations use to distinguish the administrations or merchandise a business gives. Initially made to improve on 1099 tax document announcing, the International Organization for Standardization, or ISO, defines and sets merchant class codes. However, just four digits, these codes are significant for customers and entrepreneurs the same.

When you start accepting credit card installments, Visa organizations, high risk payment processors, or credit card companies assign your business a merchant category code. For instance, Citibank might allot a garments business the code 5599 for Retail Outlet Services.

For the most part, the merchant category code compares with most business deals. However, if a business has particular parts, it may have numerous MCCs. For instance, a neighborhood supermarket with a drug store might have two MCCs: one MCC for its basic food item deals and one MCC for its drug store deals.

Banks use these codes to decide rate choices, trade expenses, cashback rewards, and more. In the meantime, credit card organizations use MCCs to follow the enterprises that most use their cards for exchanges. Today, credit card networks have the final say in deciding a business’s merchant category code. From Visa to American Express to Mastercard, each card organization has its own MCC list. However, they are, for the most part, normalized.

How Do MCCs Work?


Whenever you purchase something with a Mastercard, the MCC is transmitted to the credit issuer. The code names your buy in light of the shipper’s sort of business. So if the shipper is classified with an MCC as a “travel” class, your buy will probably be considered a travel buy. If you purchase food at the grocery store, the MCC will ordinarily show that you shopped at a “supermarket.”

The main highlight point is that the credit card merchant codes depend on the trader, not the real buy. That is the reason if you get a couple of food at a service station store, it will be considered a gas buy. Similarly, if your rewards card offers a reward for shopping at office-supply stores, buying a printer from Amazon or Best Buy likely won’t count.

Finding Your Merchant Code

Not certain which MCC your business as of now has allocated to it? The ideal way to sort out your merchant category code is to visit the Visas site and utilize their tool. Visa allows you to look for a business inside a given geological region or limited things somewhere near looking into a particular organization name. You need to give a location or postal division to begin looking. If you’re experiencing difficulty tracking down your business, be aware of how you’re phrasing your search. For example, if you type in “Subway Restaurant,” it won’t pull up your nearby Subway since “Eatery” isn’t really in the name.

Likewise, you can use this convenient tool to look into your competitors and see what their MCCs are. Again, this will give you a clue if your business is conceivably miscategorized or, on the other hand, if there’s a more qualified class for your business. But, again, keep in mind there are a huge number of MCCs out there, so there’s most likely a class that suits your business; you want to invest some time to track it down.

For What Reason Do Merchant Codes Matter?

Merchant codes fill a conspicuous need for buyers. They assist banks and credit with checking organizations to decide whether a buyer is qualified for remunerations or rewards given the business’ MCC. In addition, however, they serve other significant roles for organizations and customers alike.

Why Are Merchant Category Codes Important?

  • Exchange rates, or the expenses a business should pay with each charge or Mastercard exchange
  • A business’ risk evaluation, as characterized via card organizations
  • Mastercard handling expenses
  • Particular highlights accessible to a business include the choice to charge comfort expenses.
  • Tax installments, just as the Internal Revenue Service’s grouping of a business
  • For buyers, MCCs influence the rewards earned on classes of credit card buys.

For What Reason Do MCCs Matter?

Merchant category code influences a business through the exchange rates advertised. For example, organizations like Visa and Mastercard use MCCs to decide the charges a business pays when it processes credit cards. Therefore, organizations should consistently try to optimize exchange rates.

MCCs have an immediate relationship with the charge card handling rates you might be cited for organizations. Exchange rates and charges are regularly settled by the industry a business works in. A higher-risk industry, for example, travel, will set you back more per exchange than a retail clothing store. As an entrepreneur, your firm is assigned MCC when you start handling charge card exchanges. When you register with an installment processor, you will be approached to finish up certain insights concerning the kinds of goods and products you sell, and this data will be then used by your vendor bank in appointing you a code.

Dealer classification codes are likewise critical to entrepreneurs since they can remind their clients about a specific deal on a bill, subsequently preventing a chargeback. For instance, if your organization name doesn’t sound familiar when a client is looking at their month-to-month statement, yet your shipper classification “hotel” appears right next to it, that might assist them with remembering what the charge was for. On the other hand, if neither the name nor the classification code looks natural, the client might demand a chargeback, trusting the charge to be fraudulent.

If you accept your organization doesn’t have the legitimate merchant category code appointed to it, contact your vendor account supplier or payment processor. They will train you on how you can treat what is going on.


MCCs are four digits that influence numerous parts of your business, from your credit card handling choices expenses you’ll pay to how you finish up your duties. Some unacceptable MCC classification can make clients keep away from your business in the most pessimistic scenario. However, you can avoid that by finding the right Mastercard handling arrangement with a team working to guarantee your merchant category code works for your business.

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