Michelle Obama Will Not Replace Joe Biden as the Democratic Nominee, According to Opinion

Anjali Jain

We cannot be certain of much in the 2024 presidential election; however, one thing is certain: Joe Biden will not be nominated as the Democratic nominee. Certainly, numerous Republicans hold this view or express it openly, ranging from the highest-ranking members of the party to attendees seated in the farthest row at the most recent Trump rally.
Donald Trump has stated that he does not believe Biden “makes it,” and Florida governor Ron DeSantis hypothesized during his campaign that Democrats “may sub him out for someone else.”
Ted Cruz, expressing a widely circulated notion, stated to Sean Hannity in September of last year, “I believe the odds are extremely high that the Democratic Party will abandon Joe Biden and remove him from the ticket prior to the Democratic National Convention next summer, and instead nominate Michelle Obama as their candidate.”

It is also a statement that I frequently encounter from acquaintances and colleagues, both within and beyond the political and media sectors: “No one I am acquainted with believes Biden will be the nominee.”
Two variations exist for this concept. One concern is that Biden may experience a health condition that prevents him from running for office. This cannot be considered implausible. While anyone is susceptible, it is evidently more probable for an 81-year-old who is visibly deteriorating to experience this than for a robust 21-year-old. Nonetheless, it is impossible to forecast such an eventuality.
Republicans declare Biden unsuitable for the presidency, while the White House condemns “extremely prejudicial language.”
The alternative version has Democrats waiting to see if they can eliminate Biden from the ballot by merely postponing their decision until they do so. This has never logically made sense. However, Biden’s most recent gaffe—conflicting the names of contemporary European leaders with those of the 1980s—and a special counsel report that is critical of his mental health will only serve to increase speculation.
Even in the event that Democrats determine Biden to be unsuitable, it is particularly difficult to remove an incumbent president from office at this stage of the race.
A powerful Democratic delegation could sit down with Biden in the White House and suggest he stand aside for the benefit of the party and the nation. Biden would likely respond, “No.” Create me.” Furthermore, how would they construct him? They might promptly exit the meeting and declare in front of cameras in the White House driveway that they believe he should not run for office again. However, unless they could ascertain with certainty that he would in fact collapse his shelter under such duress, they would be severely inflicting harm upon him prior to what appears to be an impending formidable challenge from Trump.
A bid against Biden would require Biden to voluntarily withdraw from the race. Should that have been the case, he ought to have made it in time for the alternatives to launch their primary campaigns last year.
It is noteworthy to mention, in addition, that Joe Biden himself is the last person on earth to reach the conclusion that he is no longer fit to serve as president. Not only does he likely believe he is performing admirably, but he has dedicated his entire adult life to the goal of being able to exit his door and be met with a salutation from a Marine outside Marine One. No one desires to relinquish the presidency, particularly after devoting decades—occasionally encountering disheartening setbacks—to attaining that status.
Nevertheless, let us consider the hypothetical scenario where Biden is amenable to a plan that entails his withdrawal and the Democrats convening an open convention subsequent to months of amassing delegates in the face of token opposition.
Whom might the substitute be? Biden has higher approval ratings than Kamala Harris. Is Newsom Gavin? Although he performs admirably on paper and in the spotlight, he has yet to face any national scrutiny. Pete Buttigieg’s 2020 primary campaign exhibited limited appeal beyond his progressive constituency consisting of upper middle-class Caucasian individuals. An identical situation applies to Elizabeth Warren. Bernie Sanders, aged 82, is an openly political socialist. And so forth.
Michelle Obama is an accomplished communicator, a significant cultural figure, and an extremely popular Democratic. Aside from the matter of whether she would want to do it (which is unquestionably no), she has never run for office, and she may not even be a particularly competent political candidate.
Could the other candidates concur, even if the party’s power makers unequivocally deemed one of these individuals to be far and above superior to the others? For example, would Kamala Harris agree to Gavin Newsom bypassing her? Why would she do so? If not, an open convention would have degenerated into a vicious political conflict involving Democrats.
If that is the case, it doesn’t seem so insane to remain steadfast with Biden in the face of all obstacles while wishing the economy continues to expand and Trump is convicted of a crime.
Why is acknowledging that this is the strategy so challenging? Due to three factors.
Initially, Biden frequently appears and speaks in a state of such weakness that it is difficult to believe that a political party would place all of its hopes in him, including the putative salvation of American democracy. 76% of voters, according to the most recent NBC News poll, are concerned about whether Biden possesses the mental and physical heath necessary to serve a second term as president. This is a fitness threshold query that did not exist in 2020.
Quite possibly, those figures could increase.
In light of this and his generally abysmal polling performance, Republicans conclude that Biden represents the plan, when in reality, there is no such thing.
Second, each side of the political divide has a tendency to overestimate the other’s cunning, shrewdness, and power. Unbeknownst to both the left and right, political events and forces are inexorably strong. However, Republicans overestimate the power of Democratic string-pullers despite the fact that their political establishment has maintained more sway than its GOP counterpart and that Democrats are more capable of coordinating actions (getting Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg to withdraw from the 2020 primary simultaneously in support of Biden is an example).
Ultimately, there is the psychological gratification that comes from ostensibly understanding what is truly occurring beneath the surface, when in reality, all that exists is a muddled surface—much like being bound to a defective incumbent due to the absence of viable alternatives.
It would undoubtedly generate intrigue were Joe Biden and Michelle Obama to be exchanged in an attempt to deceive Republicans and coast to victory. In reality, Democrats are literally and figuratively bumbling onward with the candidate at their disposal.

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