How to Grow Your Business and Your Knowledge with Microsoft Technologies


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Running a business may seem like an intimidating task, but only when you’re not aware of the running market trends. Since technology and online resources have taken over, business owners must understand the tricks of the trade.

Understanding the latest technologies and tech solutions doesn’t just enhance your knowledge. It can also help you sustain and grow your business to unimaginable heights. That said, you need to choose the right tech solution provider to reach there.

How to Grow Your Business and Your Knowledge with Microsoft Technologies
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Very few can match the level and sophistication Microsoft offers when it comes to technology solutions. 

This post will share some simple ways to enhance your business knowledge with Microsoft technologies. You’ll also learn how they can help you to grow your business.

6 Ways Microsoft Technologies Can Help Grow Your Business

Invest in Training

Perhaps one of the best resources to learn new business traits is by learning from the pros. Especially in these times when it’s easy and simple to acquire skill enhancement training from reliable resources. No matter what industry you are from, resources are vast and can easily be accessed.

Interestingly, business owners often don’t understand the value of professional training. However, being trained by professionals ensures that you are on the right path. These kinds of programs also help speed up the process of learning the basics and advanced skills. One of the leading programs in this field is the training provided by Acuity Training. They offer courses on all kinds of Microsoft skills you might find useful for your business. These courses include but are not limited to:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • SQL 
  • Time Management 

In addition to gaining more knowledge, you will also make more connections. It can lead you to new businesses and bring more customers to your existing business.

Work With Cloud Apps

It’s the era of cloud computing, and there is a cloud-based solution for virtually every business problem. Especially for small businesses, Microsoft cloud solutions provide models that are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Scalable
  • Subscription-based 

These business models can help your business grow over time.

With Microsoft, there is a cloud solution for every app. For instance, you can use your OneDrive storage with versatile storage capacity. It helps you keep all your content in one place and accessible from anywhere.

Secondly, cloud apps can reduce your IT cost considerably. For example, Microsoft subscription models are much cheaper than onsite IT solutions. Moreover, you won’t have to pay any maintenance and security costs.

The winning advantage of using Microsoft cloud solutions is that it’s a consolidated platform. So, for instance, when you buy Office 365, you have everything you will need for documentation and other business processes.

So, you won’t be paying multiple vendors every month. Instead, a subscription from Microsoft will take care of it all. 

Other than that, cloud solutions from Microsoft are reliable and secure. As a result, they can provide better insights and let you get more things done in a shorter time.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Authenticator tools provide robust security to your business operations. Generally, authenticators ensure password-free OTP-based sign-ins. But if you work with Microsoft Authenticator, you can also use push notifications.

So, when you receive an OTP notification, you only need to approve the process. This means you don’t need to type the OTPs. Moreover, you can integrate your face ID or fingerprint if you’re working with supporting devices.

The Microsoft authenticator also provides a password manager to make your life easier. It gives your Android or iOS device the ability to manage different passwords and usernames. With this tool, you don’t need to make a log for IDs and passwords. 

It’s one of the features that separate Microsoft from the rest. Moreover, it can fast-track many of your daily business processes.

Integrate Your Accounts in One Place

Maintaining customer contact details for email marketing is critical for business growth. However, it can become tedious when you have multiple email addresses. 

What if you could assemble all your accounts in one suite? Won’t it make the job easier? Yes!

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You can try the Microsoft Outlook tool to bring in all your email addresses at one platform. It syncs with the Gmail suite, so it’s pretty easy to import contacts, emails, and calendars from any email account.

On top of that, Microsoft Outlook features a focused inbox option too. This section contains all the important emails from your clients and prospective customers, so you don’t miss out on any opportunity to grow your business.

Seamless Document Organization

When your business is on a growing path, there will be more documentation, account management, salary disbursements, and other legal documents to add to your storage. So while keeping a OneDrive storage section can be helpful, how about making it even more concise through the OneNote app?

Microsoft OneNote is a great application, and it often doesn’t get its due share of praise. With OneNote, you can organize multiple documents, create new pages and files, all under one document.

This is especially useful for maintaining client records that involve PDFs and other files. Moreover, if you are a training organization like Acuity Training, you can also plan your content seamlessly. You can do so by allowing multiple contributors for any OneNote document.

Browse the Right Way

Internet browsing becomes seamless if you have a browser that works intuitively. Moreover, there are times when you need to save certain pages, blog posts, or videos for later. With Microsoft Edge, you get all these features plus many more.

The good thing is, Microsoft Edge is very light on your RAM and works incredibly fast. So, it’s a comprehensive solution for your business needs.

Using a lightweight browser is critical for your business because it allows the other apps to work faster. For instance, if you’re a hospital administrator, you need a quick and efficient browser to work with the databases and other applications. Microsoft Edge can be a handy solution for your needs in these cases.


Microsoft offers some of the most comprehensive solutions for sustaining and enhancing your business. Therefore, a business owner must evolve and try new tools continuously. 

Since most of these tools are easy to master, using them will give you better growth opportunities. Above all, you can build your knowledge base. All in all, it can keep you ahead in the race with your competitors.

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