Mirrors Into Your Bedroom: Top ways to bring mirrors into the bedroom


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Mirrors Into Your Bedroom: Are you frustrated with a lack of mirrors in your bedroom? If you are tired of fighting for time in front of the bathroom mirror, it might be time to bring some mirrors into your bedroom. If you already have a bedroom furniture set that you are happy with, there are still some ways that you can incorporate mirrors into the room without buying the cheap flimsy versions sold in dollar stores.

Here are the easiest and best ways to bring mirrors into your bedroom without getting new furnishings and décor.

Dresser mirror

A dresser mirror is a great option that doesn’t take up any additional space in your bedroom while still giving you a quality stylish mirror. If your dresser didn’t come with an optional mirror, you may still be able to mount a mirror on the back of the dresser. Take careful measurements and read the requirements for mounting the dresser mirror before purchasing to ensure that it will work for your particular dresser.

Wall mirrors

You can get wall mirrors of all types and sizes. Really, this term just refers to any mirror that is mounted on the wall. You can get some very stately mirrors for a traditional bedroom, flashy metal mirrors for a glam bedroom, or cheap mirrors that are more generic.

In any case, wall mirrors don’t take up floor space either but make sure you’re getting the one that matches your habits. The more ornate wall mirrors tend to be more rectangular and narrow while other more lightweight mirrors are used for hanging on walls for a full-length view.

 Door mirror

Wall mirrors are usually made to be full length and you can find these mirrors in bedroom online for really low prices. Hanging a full-length mirror on a door might seem like the easiest solution, but which doors?

It can be helpful to mount these lightweight full-length mirrors on the back of the bathroom door, the interior of your bedroom door, or the exterior of your closet door. With some strategic placement, these mirrors could help give you close to a 360 view of your appearance for special occasions or important dates.

Floor mirror

Floor mirrors give you a different kind of versatility – they can be moved about the room as needed. Although some simple metal options exist for those on a budget, the best floor mirrors are those that make a statement. If you want them to be more easily moved about, choose for the options that are a hollow metal tube frame with a thinner lightweight mirror. These will be cheaper as well.

However, if you want your teen or young adult to feel really special, get them a decorative floor mirror with ornate designs and wood carvings. This is an heirloom piece of furniture that they can take with them when they leave home. You can also get there luxury floor mirrors that house hidden jewelry storage.

Hand mirrors

No matter how many mirrors you have mounted in the bedroom, you should still have at least one hand mirror handy on your dresser or vanity. Sometimes the only way to get a solid view of the back of your head is with a hand mirror, and you should always be prepared. This is especially important for people with long hair, those who sculpt or braid their hair, or those who have issues like cowlicks.

Closing Notes: Mirrors Into Your Bedroom

There are a few different types of hand mirrors to choose from. If you often find yourself leaning into the mounted mirror to do your makeup consider getting a hand mirror that can also be stood up to give you a closer view of the area. Flip the mirror back over for the typical reflection.

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