Must-Have Accessories for Your Modern Home


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Modern Home Accessories: Because of the pandemic, many industries face changes, especially home space. With the ‘stay at home’ rule, people reimagined their spaces to provide comfort and style.

The house ran every activity, making many people redesign their interior to accommodate the new lifestyle. For instance, people made home offices for remote working, organized a smart pantry for cooking demos, and repainted the walls. Nearly every part of the house needed a reboot.

Due to this shift, we had to inquire from experts in home décor on the must-have accessories for your modern home. If you wonder how to bring forth beautiful and functional change in your home, keep reading to learn.

Vibrant Colors

Undeniably, colors provide a more positive vibe. Shortly, there will be many vibrant shades dominating many homes.  To break the monotony of the space, try to a statement piece. This can be something like a yellow wall, bright floral couch material, or even get a professional mobile framing company to frame some brightly coloured artwork to hang on the walls.

Notably, shades of yellow, grey, blue, and green combinations are booming the market currently. Because the pandemic hit hard, people dress their homes with vibrant colors to uplift the mood; yellow and green are perfect choices. Still, hues that provide a balancing and calming effect to the décor, like grey and blue, are becoming more popular.

Colors likely to continue to trend even in 2022 are earthy tones and beige. Other colors that seem to continue trending are; some specific shades of green; emerald green, soft mint green, and delicate pastel green.

Modern Bathroom

Accessories for Your Modern Home
Image source: pixabay

Many thanks to the pandemic, most people embraced hygiene better than before. Aside from the strict sanitization routines, others thought of having neater and modern bathrooms. Besides, with all the staying indoors with nothing much to do, the bathroom and bedroom were the favorite areas.

As the latest trend in home décor, many homeowners modernize their bathrooms. While some are doing it the major way, others give it a slight change that makes a major impact.

Aside from advancing the lighting, flooring, walls, and mirrors, improving the hardware is also essential. The modern freestanding tubs will make your bathroom look unique with their impressive colors and designs.

Although the freestanding tub accessories take up more space than the in-built one, it still has lots of benefits to offer. Most important is the flexibility aspect. This way, you can place your stand-alone tub and shower at any point of the bathroom you desire, even if it’s close to the window.

Another thing is that the freestanding soaking tub displays peak style and luxury. The first thing your friends will notice when visiting your bathroom is the unique small freestanding tub that stands out in the middle of the room.

 Additionally, if you are into nostalgia, a freestanding tub faucet will get to you. It will add a vintage touch and make you feel like you just stepped back into history.

 A bathroom with a stand-alone tub and shower is among the current must-have accessories for your home.

Home Office

Due to the pandemic, working and schooling from home have been the new norm. This has led to the in-demand for versatile spaces that can comfortably accommodate office and study areas.

Because of space limitations in many houses, people use flexible and innovative solutions like small study corners at home. A well-organized working area with ergonomic office furniture and nice background for video meetings make the modern homes. Besides, the various lighting designs that you install in your home-office will boost your home interiors. It is also not professional to display your bed in the background during video calls, so consider an air mattress and simply put it away before meetings. 

With the rise of webinars, backgrounds have become a vital aspect of consideration. Though many paints have beautiful hues, many people opt for wallpapers because of their effortless installation. Besides, it’s a quick functional fix since the pandemic is full of restrictions.

According to the survey, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, stated that the WFH numbers will rise to 50% by 2030. Therefore, there’s a need for sound-proof spaces. This way, you will not feel any disturbance from kids playing when working or in video conferences and calls.


One of the negative effects of forced lockdown is the minimal access to nature. As a result, people are now bringing green into their homes. Without a doubt, the presence of green in our homes reduces stress levels and improves overall well-being.

Homeowners are now growing kitchen gardens even in their balconies. They want to revitalize and freshen up the spaces inside the homes. Still, indoor plants are likely to increase demand to have them in corners or even on tabletops.

Moreover, people are planting more potted vegetable gardens with curry leaves, mint, Tulsi, and aloe vera. Whether for food or decoration, indoor or vertical gardens provide greenery that hugely impacts the home’s interior appearance.

Besides, collecting many interior plants is not only aesthetic, but also therapeutic. Plants have a way of relaxing one’s mind just by how they appear and the fresh air they create. 

Ideally, people also use water features at home to improve nurturing nature indoors. So, you will find more homes with portable fountains, aquariums, or even small lily ponds on the balcony.


Image source: Pixabay

Thanks to the growth of technology and affordable internet, people demand more home automation services. In a study, about 37% of US citizens owned a smart home device in 2020 with the number rapidly shooting up as time passed. Undeniably, with technology infiltrating every aspect of our lives, it will also help revolutionize home spaces in how we operate.

Smart home technology will appeal more to homeowners. People will need robotic vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and AI-enabled kitchen appliances. Better still, there are gadgets using voice or remote commands for music, TV, security, lighting, or heating and cooling.

Home automation is becoming a basic trend that will increasingly trend in coming years. Trends on the rise are; video-door monitoring, digital locks and alarms, and motion-sensing cameras for improved house security. Even Wi-Fi mesh systems will have high popularity to support more smart devices working at once.

Undoubtedly, customers nowadays want smart, connected, and energy-saving home appliances that improve their lifestyle. Integrated and automatic lighting systems with wireless control systems using a phone are popular. They illuminate better and easier.


Although you are looking for must-have accessories for your modern home, it would be best to remember that a great design will never phase-out. Most importantly, incorporating everything at once is no pressure, but you should always do it bit by bit.

This way, one change will lead to the other systematically until you renovate your entire house as you desire. Ensure that you select things that add value to you.

Raushan Kumar
A Cook, Software analyst & Blogger.


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