Indian Navy Amidst the growing threat from China and Pakistan in the Indian Ocean MQ-1 Predator Drone I am planning to buy 30 units. These drones, equipped with lethal missiles, can conduct surveillance at sea for a long time. Not only this, if needed, the missiles in it can also target enemy ships or bases. This drone is also known as Predator Sea Avenger or RQ-1. In view of the attacking power of China’s Wing Long Drone-2, the Navy is feeling a great need for such dangerous drones.

Is adept at hitting the target accurately
The Predator Sea Avenger has all the features of a turbofan engine and stealth aircraft. It hits its target accurately. The Indian Army is currently using drones purchased from Israel, but America’s Predator drones fly at the speed of fighter jets. After getting these drones, India will be able to easily keep an eye on not only Pakistan but also China. In the matter of surveillance system, India will go far ahead of these two countries.

MQ-1 Drone 02

Can fly up to 3000 km
The new Predator can fly 1,800 miles (2,900 km) after taking off from its base. Meaning if it is operated from an airbase in central India, then it can monitor the border of China and Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir. This drone is capable of flying for 35 hours at an altitude of 50 thousand feet. Apart from this, this drone can fly with a payload of 6500 pounds.

MQ-1 Drone 03

Capable of hovering in the air for up to 35 hours
This drone has been made by the American company General Atomics Aeronautical Systems. This drone has a turbofan engine providing power of 115 horsepower. 8.22 meters long and 2.1 meters high, this drone has a wingspan of 16.8 meters. Due to the fuel capacity of up to 100 gallons, the flight endurance of this drone is also very high.

Two missiles can destroy the enemy
This drone can fly 204 kg of missiles. Due to flying at an altitude of more than 25000 feet, the enemy is not able to catch this drone easily. It can be fitted with two laser guided AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. It requires two people to operate, one of which is the pilot and the other is the sensor operator. These drones are available in the number of 150 with America.

MQ-1 Drone 01

MQ-1 Predator Drone


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