Mulvaney: The following individual will provide Democrats with guidance as they search for Biden’s successor

Anjali Jain
Opinion: Mulvaney: If Democrats seek a replacement for Biden, here’s who will help guide them

It is untruthful to assert that one knows how the Democrats intend to approach their recently identified Joe Biden dilemma.
This includes the Democratic National Committee, the White House’s innermost circles, and the chattering class. However, I am aware of whom to observe as Democrats grapple with the matter.
It is remarkable that it took a report from the Department of Justice to alert the Democrats to the fact that Joe Biden’s memory and mental acuity are deteriorating. As early as September 2022, when Biden had his “Where’s Jackie?” moment at a public event, demanding Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.) in sight, the world became aware. Walorski had passed away recently following a heinous car accident. All in attendance were informed of her demise, including Biden, who had earlier addressed the matter.

Biden has historically been a juggernaut for producing gaffes. Furthermore, his recent conflation of Francois Mitterrand and Emmanuel Macron (which could have occurred to anyone) might even be pardonable. However, paging for deceased individuals at a press conference and conflating alliterative names of foreign leaders are entirely unrelated. Everyone should or does know that.
However, it appears that the Democrats mistook this conspicuous indication of deteriorating cognitive function for “Joe being Joe.” The shuffle of the feet is the same. Otherwise, in the form of dark eyes. Anyone with a family member afflicted with dementia is able to identify the warning indications.
Stuart Varney stated: Democrats are appalled by Biden’s declining health.
However, the Democrats opted to disregard them. They can no longer. However, it appears they do not have many viable options.
Alternate names could be considered for the forthcoming primaries; however, doing so would necessitate a write-in process, which is unprofessional and lacks substantial likelihood of success. They could potentially afford the Biden delegates until they arrive at the convention before allowing them to cast their ballots for any of a multitude of candidates. More so, careless. There has also been speculation that they might delay nominating Biden formally until the convention, at which point he would resign as the nominee and be replaced by an individual chosen from within the party. Perhaps less clumsy than a barricade in the middle of the convention floor. However, one can only speculate as to how the electorate might react to such a coronation.
In fact, Democrats initially placed their expectations in Biden’s renomination because it would be the most expedient method for them to secure a name on the ballot against Donald Trump. It remains possible. Democrats may choose to remain loyal to Biden precisely for that rationale.
While I do not purport to know their intentions, I am adept at determining who to observe and for what purpose. This relates to the other challenge the Democrats face as November approaches: Vice President Harris is the VP.
With the exception of individuals who are either affiliated with her or have provided her with substantial financial backing, there is no one advocating for the incumbent vice president as the solution. Since being promoted to the second-highest position in the republic, she has universally been a source of disappointment. Do you recall the time when she oversaw the border? Others do the same as well.
Even fewer likely recall her 2020 presidential campaign. During that period, she was criticized by Fox News for being “an inconsistent campaigner whose message and tactics are inconsistent and whose staff is divided into factions.” Apologies, I was merely teasing. Regarding her, the New York Times wrote as much.
Due to her abhorrent performance as a candidate, Harris withdrew prior to the Iowa caucuses. Consequently, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum maintained his position as the presidential candidate for a longer duration than Harris. There is little evidence to imply that she would perform better today.
It is widely believed that Harris would not be the one to return the favor should the Democrats decide to abandon Biden. This generates considerable tension for a political party whose identity is largely shaped by identity politics.
If an additional African-American woman were waiting in the wings, the situation might be different. The Oprah? Undoubtedly so. The Michelle Obama campaign? All of my Democratic acquaintances assert unequivocally that such a possibility is utterly non-existent.
If they choose to succeed Biden, Democrats will be confronted with some extremely difficult choices. Furthermore, a limited number of individuals will possess the capability to provide guidance. Clearly, former President Barack Obama qualifies as such. Nonetheless, Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) is an additional.
A highly esteemed member of the Democratic Party, he was the individual who effectively resolved the Bernie Sanders controversy in 2016. And, with the exception of the former president, nobody in Black Democratic circles is more esteemed.
Therefore, pay close attention if you begin to hear him on Sunday talk programs praising the governors of California, Michigan, and Colorado, including Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, and Jared Polis.
Undoubtedly, the Democrats have placed themselves in a predicament that becomes increasingly difficult to remedy as time passes. But if they choose to proceed in a different direction, who speaks will be more significant than what they say.
Former South Carolina congressman Mick Mulvaney is a News Nation contributor. Under President Donald Trump, he held the positions of director of the Office of Management and Budget, interim director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and chief of staff at the White House.

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