Musk Declares Putin Unbeatable in Ukraine and Critiques a Senate Bill

Anjali Jain
Elon Musk

Elon Musk expressed to Republican senators in the United States that it is “absurdly improbable” that Russian President Vladimir Putin could lose the Ukraine conflict, weighing in on a dispute that has been impacted by his Star Link satellite services.
Elon Musk, the self-made magnate and CEO of Tesla Inc., made the remarks on Monday in a forum accessible through his X social media platform, X Spaces. Opponents of a Senate measure that would have provided Ukraine with additional aid to continue fighting the full-scale Russian invasion that began two years ago participated in the discussions.
In addition to Mike Lee of Utah, JD Vance of Ohio, and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, he was accompanied by former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and Craft Ventures LLC co-founder David Sacks.

Elon Musk expressed his concurrence with Johnson’s assertion that Putin would not succumb to the situation in Ukraine. Those who anticipate a victory for Ukraine, according to Johnson, are “living in a fantasy world.”
Vance stated of the $95 billion measure, which includes $60 billion in aid for Ukraine, funding for Israel and Taiwan, and humanitarian aid for Gaza, “We got to kill this thing.”
Musk further expressed his desire that Americans would communicate with their elected officials regarding the Ukraine measure. This expenditure is not beneficial to Ukraine. “Prolonging the conflict in Ukraine is not beneficial.”
Musk previously voiced comparable views on X, casting doubt on the victoriousness of Ukraine in the conflict and deriding the aid appeals of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. The technology magnate has faced censure from both Ukrainian authorities and Democratic members of Congress.
Putin stated in an interview with Tucker Carlson, “The United States and Russia should negotiate the Ukraine conflict.”
Musk stated that Putin was under duress to complete the conflict. Musk stated, “He would be assassinated if he retreated.”
Musk informed the senators that he is occasionally labelled a Putin apologist, but he dismissed the allegation as “ludicrous.” His enterprises have “likely done more to undermine Russia than anything else,” he stated.
He mentioned SpaceX’s provision of Star Link internet service to Ukraine, which became indispensable for the country’s communications following the Russian invasion, in addition to the company’s diversion of business from Russia’s space launch industry.
His viewpoints are diametrically opposed to those of Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell and President Joe Biden, who contend that assisting Ukraine in its defense against the Kremlin is in the best interests of the United States and will deter other autocrats from initiating their own conflicts.
Late Monday night, Senate committees continued deliberations on the bill, which was anticipated to be passed; however, House Speaker Mike Johnson has insisted that border security measures take precedence.
Musk stated that preventing casualties on both parties of the conflict is his top priority and that he questioned the prudence of pursuing Putin’s removal.
“Those who desire a change in the Russian regime should consider who among themselves could depose Putin, and whether or not that individual is more likely to be a peacenik.” Most likely not.”
Elon Musk remarked that such an individual would probably be “even more ardent than Putin.”

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