Musk Heightens Attention on Extremist Who Employed Prohibited Nazi Slogan

Anjali Jain
Musk Heightens Attention on Extremist Who Employed Prohibited Nazi Slogan

(The Bloomberg) Elon Musk appeared to be courting another anti-Semitic conflagration mere months after enduring one when he amplified the remarks of a right-wing German extremist on the social media platform he owns.

Prominent regional figure within the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, Bjoern Hoecke, complained on Musk’s X over the weekend that he was being tried for employing a prohibited Nazi slogan.
Musk inquired, “What did you say?” in response to Hoecke’s tweet, which was composed in English, which was out of the ordinary for the politician.

Prosecutors allege that during a 2021 campaign event, the leader of the AfD in the East German state of Thuringia unlawfully used a slogan linked to the military apparatus of the Nazi dictatorship, in violation of German legislation.

The former history instructor has consistently generated controversy due to his views, which even some members of his own political party consider to be excessively extreme. A German court declared in 2019 that it was not possible to deem the characterization of Hoecke as a fascist as libelous.
Musk inquired, “Why is that unlawful?” as a response to the politician’s post.

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Hoecke stated, “Every patriot in Germany is being defamed as a Nazi.” The former history instructor further stated that specific terms are prohibited under German law so as to prevent Germany from “rediscovering itself.”
Motivated by a sense of animosity toward immigrants and refugees, Hoecke’s AfD is the frontrunner in September elections in Thuringia. As a result, the German security services are confronted with difficulties, as the courts have labeled the regional branch of the party an extreme far-right organization.

In national voter intention polls, the AfD has risen to second place in the past year, trailing only the opposition Christian Democrats. However, its support has recently waned following the exposure of a meeting where members of the party discussed a “re-migration” scheme that mirrored Nazi policies.

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