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Defence Minister Rajnath Singh launched the director general for training the National Cadet Corps (DGNCC) NCC Online Training App on Thursday. This app will help nationwide NCC cadets to attend online learning through mobile training DNGCC app . NCC Training App will overcome the restrictions held by COVID-19. This epidemic has huge impact on NCC training. As there is no possibility to open schools in the immediate future, it was felt important to offer instruction to NCC cadets utilizing the modern media. During the launch of the NCC Online Training App, the minister also interacted with the NCC cadets through video conferencing and responded to their questions. He wished them luck and urged them to succeed in every area of life.

NCC Training App

The Directorate General National Cadet Corps (DGNCC) Mobile Training App has been launched today on 27 August 2020. This will train the cadets of NCC across the country through digital. On the occasion of Independence Day on 15 August 2020, the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi said that the time has come for the expansion of NCC. For this, training of 1 lakh new NCC cadets will be given. The training will be given to the youth especially in the border and seaside areas. It can be helpful when natural calamities like storms come.

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How To Download the DGNCC Online Training App

If you also want to become a part of NCC, you can download and apply this app from Google Play Store. Just you must be a high school or college student. You will also get a certificate of its completion. NCC Training App is not available in Apple’s app store(IOS). Here is the Link to Download DGNCC App. The government aim to achieve at least one third female cadets out of 1 lakh cadets and train them equally.

NCC has full form as National credit corp in English and National Credit Corp in Hindi. It started in 1948, 72 years ago and has 14 lakh cadets, it will train 1 lakh people to raise it to 1.5 million. NCCis the largest uniformed youth organization in the world.

Details About NCC Online Training App

DGNCC App is one stop solution for NCC cadet’s trainning and knowledge transfer. Firstly, The NCC mobile training app will provide instruction to NCC cadets by videos. Secondly, It also respond to questions from cadets by trained instructors. The DGNCC Mobile Training App is developed to provide NCC cadets with full training content on one platform (syllabus, precision, training photos, and frequently asked questions). The app was social by providing an alternative to ask. Using this method a cadet may place his or her request on the training plan and a panel of trained teachers may address the question.

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Home Screen of NCC Mobile Training App

DGNCC Training App home screen displays overall summary of this application. The home page of DGNCC App contains map of india as background image. It also has a NCC official logo at top-rigt of screen. It has following main menu –

  • NCC
  • Syllabus
  • Precis
  • Training vides
  • Query
  • FAQs
DGNCC Training App
DGNCC Training App – Secondary NCC menu

NCC Menu

When you click on NCC menu of DGNCC Training App, a new window will open. The new window comtains menus which will provide all information of NCC like About NCC, motto, AIM,etc. When you click on these menu you will get detailed information about NCC. This screen contains following informatic menu –

  • About
  • Aim
  • Motto
  • Pledge
  • NCC Song
The NCC screen of NCC Training App is hown above with all the menu.


This menu of DGNCC Training App contains two sub-menu called Junior Cadets and Senior Cadets. The syllabus will be dispalyed based on these two category. We can download syllabus form this window. I will share some of example links below-


This menu will proide all the documets related to NCC. This will give pdf document of common subjects, NCC special(Army), NCC special(Air force), NCC special(Navy). The documents are categorised based on Junior and senior section.

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Training Videos

This window has training videos link. This is the main wndow where NCC Online Training App is used in real time. The cadet can attent online trainings and learn many new things. In this covid situation this menu will he the management to provide training to cadets.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

This menu deals with FAQs. All the FAQs questions and answer will be dispalyed in this screen. I will share some example below –

What is National Cadet Corps ?

National Cadet Corps (NCC) is a movement for the advancement of young people. It has huge potential to create country. The NCC provides the country’s youth with a sense of duty, determination, devotion, discipline and moral values to make them capable leaders and useful citizens for their all-round growth. The NCC provides the cadets with training across a wide variety of activities.

What is the Motto of NCC?


How many NCC units can be allotted to an institution?

No Limit


The caded can post any questions and get the answer from concerned team. The caded will get answer from concerned team.

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DGNCC Training App would definitely be a major move towards the automation of NCC instruction in line with Prime Minister NarendraModi ‘s dream for Digital India. Moreover, it will go a long way towards ensuring NCC cadets have better exposure to training materials during these pandemic testing cycles.

Visit NCC offical site from here –

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