Nike Air Max: The history of the cult sneaker


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Nike Air Max: Not only at Nike there are different sneaker models that have achieved absolute cult status over time. One of them are the Air Max from Nike. These sneakers are high on the list of the most popular sneakers around the world.

1987 – Birth of the Nike Air Max

The model was launched in 1987, more than 30 years ago. Since then, new model designs, colors and technology extensions have come onto the market again and again. The first model appeared under the name Nike Air Max 1. It was designed by Tinker Hatfield at the time. On a trip to Paris he came to the Center Pompidou. Tinker Hatfield originally worked as an architect.
This prehistory also gave rise to his great interest in architecture and structures. The Center Pompidou was also built in a very special architectural style. This suggests to the viewer that the inside is turned outwards. Tinker Hatfield was so enthusiastic about this work that he wanted to transfer the idea of ​​inverted structures to the design of new sneakers. This was the cornerstone for the Air Max 1. An important characteristic of this shoe is the so-called Air Sole.

1990 – Nike Air Max 90

Three years later, in 1990, the Air Max 90 model appeared. With this model, Hatfield refined the characteristic of the distinctive sole so that it appeared even more conspicuous. This was implemented with a continuous line pattern and red color accents in the area of ​​the heel. This in turn leads to the so-called air window emerging even more clearly.

1991 – Nike Air Max 180

Another year later, the third model, the Air Max 180, came onto the market. This shoe was a project that was developed in collaboration with the inventor of Air Force One, Bruce Kilgore.
The special thing about this shoe, which also gave it its name, was once again the sole, which could be seen in a radius of 180 °.

1993 – Nike Air Max 93

In 1993 the Nike Air Max 93 appeared. The so-called visible Air Sole was optically refined again. The result was an almost completely transparent heel look.

1997 – Nike Air Max 97

The Air Max 97 appeared four years later. As you can easily see, each model has the release date in its name. This model, released in 1997, caused a lot of excitement. This was because the sole was in the foreground here and showed a characteristic shape of the Air Max .

1998 – Nike Air Max 98

The successor model followed just a year later with the Air Max 98. The original design template was a high-speed train. This proposal has now been abandoned. From now on, the model has been expanded to include more leather and mesh elements. This ensured that the shoe looked significantly more voluminous.

1998 – Air Max Plus

The Air Max Plus appeared in the same year. This was again an upgrade in terms of design. The surface appeared in a wavy overlay. This contributed to the uniqueness of the product.

2006 – Air Max 360

A few years later, in 2006, the Air Max 360 model hit the market. The special thing about this model was that the Air Sole was completely visible.

To this day, new models such as the Nike Air Max 720 or the Air Max 270 are constantly being released. All shoes are hyped by lovers and connoisseurs.

The Nike Air Max is therefore timeless, although it always surprises with new upgrades and no two shoes are really alike. Only the typical identifying features such as the Air Sole are an integral part of every shoe.

Sports giant Nike

Nike is one of the largest sports manufacturers in the world and has been the market leader since 1989, a long way behind adidas and Under Armor. The company was founded in the USA in 1964. Nike sells its goods internationally and is one of the 100 most valuable companies worldwide.
The company’s success is based primarily on the close cooperation with numerous top athletes and thus lucrative advertising faces. In addition, Nike is a regular sponsor of major sports competitions and championships. Characteristic for the brand are the so-called Nike hook, also Swoosh and the slogan “Just do it”.

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