Observe what Trump has to say regarding his approach to government

Anjali Jain
Opinion: Let’s listen to what Trump is saying about how he’d govern

At every campaign rally, Donald Trump delivers the exact same performance, which renders him a one-trick pony. He criticizes “radical left Democrats,” RINOS, the mainstream media, the prosecutors who indicted him, and the judges presiding over his civil and criminal trials while discussing the “rigged” 2020 election. It appears that not even his supporters pay close attention to him at this point.
With the exception of pledges to deport millions of undocumented immigrants and halt the “invasion” at the border, Trump seldom discusses his policy priorities for a second term as president. In his attempts to evade responsibility, he conceals the truth behind deceptive “have-it-both ways” arguments and offers almost no specifics.
Trump appears to prioritize regaining office, avoiding incarceration, and avenging himself against his adversaries over bettering the lives of his countrymen.

Regarding the economy, Trump fails to mention that he increased the national debt by $7.8 trillion despite promising to eliminate it within eight years as president. Furthermore, it can be argued that he did not execute as planned a $1 trillion infrastructure initiative that was touted as a solution to “repair our inner cities and rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, and hospitals.” Or that his administration oversaw the worst four-year performance in over six decades, a net loss of three million employment.
Trump has issued dire economic forecasts, expressing optimism that the collapse “will occur within the next twelve months” (during President Biden’s tenure), and asserting that investors’ “belief that I will be elected” has caused a significant surge in stock prices. He stated that he would not reappoint Jerome Powell as chairman of the Federal Reserve, as Powell will likely reduce interest rates in an effort to stimulate economic development and “help the Democrats.”
Trump is determined to implement blanket tariff increases of 10 percent and deport millions of unauthorized immigrants, notwithstanding the admonitions that such actions will result in wage reductions, surmount unemployment, and rekindle inflation. These policies, according to an economist at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, are “utterly insane.”
Despite the fact that an unprecedented number of individuals now have health insurance via the Affordable Care Act, which is regarded favorably by nearly 60 percent of Americans, Trump categorically declares Obamacare to be “a catastrophe,” reiterates his pledge to repeal and substitute it, and insists on “seriously examining alternatives.” A Republican with information regarding Trump’s campaign stated, “There is no actual ‘there’ there.” “At this time, nobody is working on it.”
Regarding the subject of abortion, Trump boasts that “pro-lifers had no standing whatsoever prior to my inauguration” and that he orchestrated the Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, which he describes as “the greatest victory for life in a generation.” Trump’s stance has shifted significantly since pro-choice candidates and referendums won substantial support in 2022 and 2023. He asserts that the six-week restriction on abortion in Florida “is a terrible thing and a terrible error.” When queried about the optimal number of weeks, Trump responded, “We are considering a variety of options.” And, “truthfully, I am indifferent” as to whether the states or the federal government enact the legislation. For the first time in fifty years, Trump promises to “sit down with both sides and I’ll negotiate something; we’ll end up with peace on that issue”; “I believe both sides will like me.”
Regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Trump has stated that the conflict could be ended “within twenty-four hours.” His “excellent rapport” with Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky would facilitate the “straightforwardness of the transaction.” He will say to Zelensky, “Go away; you must reach a compromise.” “If you don’t make a deal, we’re going to give them a lot,” he will threaten Putin. Further details are withheld by Trump “so as to prevent the utilization of that negotiation.” One critic remarked, “Extremely astute and nuanced. “Why has no one considered this thus far?”
Regarding the conflict between Israel and Hamas, Trump asserts that “the attack on Israel never would have occurred” if he had been president. Following his initial criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his admiration for the “very smart” Hamas militants, Trump speculated on his current course of action: “Therefore, there is a war currently underway, and you’re probably going to have to let this play out… because a lot of people are dying.”
Concerning border protection: Trump intervened to halt the agreement, despite the fact that the Republicans obtained what they had demanded: substantial concessions from Senate Democrats and the Biden administration on the most consequential immigration reform legislation in decades, which was included in a package with assistance to Ukraine and Israel. Despite persistently asserting the fallacy that other nations were transporting deranged asylum seekers to the United States, Trump cautioned Republicans against “doing a border deal unless we get EVERYTHING.”
Numerous Republican senators were dissatisfied. Sen. Todd Young (R-India) expressed his optimism that this wouldn’t be compromised for political gain. “Had it not been for Donald Trump,” lamented another senator (anonymously), his Republican colleagues would have “virtuously unanimously” supported the proposal. Although the agreement’s text was not yet made public, Speaker Mike Johnson declared it “dead on arrival” in the House. Trump stated on Sunday, when 370-page drafts were disclosed by negotiators, that he “certainly” Johnson “will only reach a borderline-perfect agreement.”
The bipartisan compromise, which was lauded by the U.S. Border Patrol Union (which endorsed Trump in 2020) and, as stated by the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board, comprised “longstanding GOP priorities” that Trump “never came close to achieving,” failed to reach the Senate or House floor for a vote.
Those with a keen ear may detect the rudimentary scuffling of a self-absorbed autocrat and his Republican supporters as they undermine the bedrock of American democracy.

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