Online Classes and Devices : A Lifeline During COVID-19


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Online Class | Online devices | Phone Tablet Laptop | Best device for online classes

Whether you have a smartphone tablet or laptop for your children to attend their online classes which among these devices is best.

Many schools are already started with virtual classrooms and I felt the need to share with you, my take on which device is best for online classes.

The situation of the Education system:

Teaching Lifeline During COVID-19

The COVID-19 has affected education institutions worldwide leading to the near closures of schools universities and colleges. Most governments around the world temporality closed educational institutions in an attempt to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Approximately 1.7 billion learners are affected and that is 98.6% of the world’s student population.

Online Classrooms:


Now we have to restore to online classes as the new normal for education systems relying upon video conferencing apps as zoom and Google meet.

They are the primary app that is being used and for many institutions, now it is the compulsion of having a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

I see that we need to accomplish one thing here that is to provide a learning environment even when they are at home. Now all these devices will work but let us consider one by one:

Comparison – Online Classes:

  1. First is the smartphone, the average age of children who has a smartphone is between the age of 12 to 13 years old and, it will depend upon our consideration if our children are matured enough or not. if they need it, they should also be responsible when they are using it or when they are bringing it to school. we must also be conscious of what they are after seeing over the Internet and what applications are they using
  2. Second is a tablet, it is considered a small portable form of a laptop with a touchscreen, and based on studies preschoolers are allowed to use this but, require supervision and

if unsupervised they must be at least the age of 11 to 13 years old. It is also considered an additional learning layer beyond a traditional classroom or books.

  • Now we come to the laptops, there is an increase in computer use not just for the home but also for school with a laptop. Not only they can learn how to use the keyboard properly also they can use programs and applications to enhance their curriculum.

They can also develop computer skills which are essential for future generations entering the workforce.

Screen Size – Best for Online Class:

Phone Tablet Laptop

I may be pointing out to you that the laptop is the best device but we have to consider the biggest factor which is the screen size.

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Lectures will be displayed through screen sharing imagine reading or seeing their lectures on a smaller screen there is a limiting factor of mobile apps compared to laptop applications.

Mobile phones can only display 4 participants, tablets can display up to 9 participants, whereas laptops can display the whole class or up to 49 participants. Senior classmates on one screen would at least give them a feeling of interaction with other people, even though they are just on the screen at the end.

Conclusion – Online Class:

Phone Tablet Laptop

It would still be according to your decision especially considering your budget and for the price, a good smartphone for Online Class and a good tablet almost cost the same and if you want to get a good laptop you just need to bend your budget a little more.

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Rakesh Rai
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