Online Gaming Innovation in Europe: What Can We Learn?


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Online gaming is considered a relatively new innovation, given that it is one of the recent technological developments in Finland. With time there have been numerous changes in online gaming.

All these changes are attributed to the introduction of advanced technology. We can all agree that advanced technology has refined the iGaming industry to the point that one cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy in online gaming.  

At some point in time, Xbox and playing mobile games was the very peak of technology. However, with modern-day technology, the online gaming industry has not been resting on its laurels.

 Numerous ideas have been introduced into the iGaming world, from the development of electronic games to the era of online casino games and virtual reality. The gaming industry has made numerous developments beyond imagination.

Here are some of the new developments in the European iGaming industry.

3D Graphics

Initially, most online games were based on two-dimensional graphics with text-based technology. However, with the new developments in technology, many games are now using 3D graphics, and special effects to make the games look more realistic.

The invention of 3D graphics introduced features that build realistic textures and physical computing characteristics and enable in-game interactions between objects. There are also special effects that allow gamers to immerse themselves in the online gaming world.

Most popular online casino games in Finland as reviewed at this popular online casino feature 3D graphics to make the games look more realistic and encourage players to immerse themselves completely into the game. Some of these effects have encouraged the players to take part in online gaming given that they now feel as if they were in the retail gaming store itself.

Easier and safer payment methods

New payment apps have been developed, especially for popular online casino games. With these new apps, players can now make their transactions without revealing their identities. Money transactions in online casino games can easily make a player an easy target for fraud.

However, the introduction of safe money transfer apps has made transactions more secure and fast.

Furthermore, the digital security techniques work in such a way that the players’ digital transactions are limited to a particular amount, hence eliminating money laundering schemes in online gaming spaces.

Most online gaming platforms have embraced blockchain technology, which ensures that the transactions are safe and secure. What is blockchain technology? A blockchain is a digital ledger that keeps records of all money transactions and can’t be altered or hacked. This technology allows players to make transactions directly to each other without involving third parties like the government, banking institutions or any other person who is not a party to the transaction.

Other players might also prefer using cryptocurrency and crypto-wallets. Using these for money transactions allows the player to hide their identity and ensures that their transactions are safe and secure.

These forms of payments have encouraged online gamers to feel safe and secure while depositing and withdrawing money to and from their iGaming accounts.

Virtual Reality and Hyperreality

If you are a gamer, then I believe that you have taken part in virtual reality gaming. If not, then you should, because it is one of the most amazing experiences. In addition to the virtual reality experience, the gaming industry has now introduced the hyperreality experience.

Hyperreal experiences, otherwise known as location-based entertainment, is a technological development that integrates virtual reality and physical reality to give a player a real life-like gaming experience.

Unlike virtual reality, where a player can feel and see everything inside the VR headset, the hyper-reality experience allows the player to see, feel and touch the things that correspond to the physical space of the room in their headset. Players can reach out for virtual items and feel them.

The hyperreality experience allows the player to move around the gaming room and feel some of the virtual objects in the room in the form of physical props. The virtual reality and hyperreality experience are some of the most interesting innovations in the gaming industry, given that it allows players to have a uniquely immersive gaming experience.


Before the introduction of smartphones, people used to access games using monitors and computers. However, the introduction of smartphones has now taken gaming to another level. Having a portable device that is always available has made online gaming more convenient.

With smartphones and numerous gaming apps, you can now play games anywhere and everywhere. Many of us are usually busy, that the only free time you have, is when you are waiting for a taxi, a bus or the time you are on the bus or taxi heading home. This is when we get the time to play online games to entertain ourselves. Certainly, smartphones have been quite helpful.

Cloud -Computing Technology

Cloud-computing technology is considered one of the game changers in the gaming industry. Cloud computing technology gives the players access to their storage, files, software and servers through their devices. Cloud computing allows the players to store and access data and programs over the internet instead of accessing the computer’s hard drive.

As you can remember, initially, when playing a game, all your progress could be saved in that particular computer where you played the game. However, with the introduction of cloud-based technology, online games have become more accessible. In that, a player playing a game through cloud-based technology can now play a game without accessing a particular gaming device.

All the player’s progress is saved in the cloud, and a player can access a given computer remotely and continue enjoying their favourite games.


Advanced technology has had a major impact in transforming the online gaming industry. Many gamers are now enjoying the benefits of the new developments. However, we believe that is not the end; we are yet to see new technological developments in the gaming industry. Future developments will probably focus more on integrating real-life and fantasy, making the players immerse themselves in the online casino gaming world completely.

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