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Being online means that when a machine is in running condition and simultaneously, it is connected with any other devices. For example, when a network printer is online, computers connected with that network can also get them printed. Whereas other devices, such as scanners, video cameras, audio interfaces, and other things, can be live when running and connected simultaneously with a computer system.

At the same time, the real meaning of the word “online” is that Being connected with the Internet. This connection can be through any medium, whether it is a phone line, or a dial-up or DSL modem, a cable line via why not a cable modem, or even a wireless connection.

A computer can be-online even when it is connected to a computer network through a single connection. Talking technically, then computers connected to a network are online whether they are connected to the Internet. But most networks are routed With a T1 line or other Internet connection. When the computer or other device is not connected, then they are called offline.

Online education

Online-education is a type of education in which students utilize their own home computers via the internet to study. From that simple description, it becomes an almost limitless number of different ways to study and teach as well as learn away from traditional college campuses and away from the prying eyes of prying teachers. The advantages of distance learning are plenty, from being able to set your own pace and schedule to be able to learn at your own convenience and from the convenience of your own home.

There is no uniform accreditation for online college degree programs, so prospective students may need to do some research on the accredited schools. Some online-schools offer a degree program of Associates in Art or any other field they offer online classes. These online courses work well for those who want to take only the required courses or for those who want to start with lower education. For most people, the benefits of online-schooling outweigh the hassles of travel, homework and late-night class meetings. You can fit your schooling around your busy life instead of trying to fit too many courses into your already busy schedule.

Who Invented YouTube And When: An Interesting Story

Online-degree programs may require additional study abroad programs or prerequisite courses for students who are not fully online. You may be required to attend a class if you are not enrolled in the online-courses. Students will find that these additional requirements are not very demanding and not worth missing out on the great opportunity to further their education. In fact, if you are unable to attend scheduled classes, you will still have a degree that has been partially online that will give you a higher grade and make you more qualified than a student who attends traditional classes every semester.

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