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Do you know What is the operating system? Even if you don’t know, we will answer it and some more questions will be answered. As we humans have a heart, just as we do. Computer also has heart known as OS of the Computer in technical language.


Whenever you use a Mobile or Computer, we keep speaking Android, Windows, Mac, Linux so on and so forth. So all these names are a one Are of operating system. Never android kitkat so ever Android Oreo, or if it comes to Windows, someone speaks to windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, etc. casually Mac OS contain in.

But everyone has a little knowledge of all this, but no one knows what the heart of this COMPUTER means is the work of this OS. In a small sense you would like to give people that an OS interface is a kind of end user and hardware K..

What is operating system?

Operating systems are also called system software. Most people in small names also speak os. It is called the heart of the computer. OS is a system software that means user works like interface in the middle of you and Computer Hardware.

I explain this sentence directly, and this OS allows you to use Computer whenever you run The Computer. Just as you hear the song, double click on top of the word document, you sit down with four Window openings, Keyboard write something in, and some file Save to Computer without you Operating System of never can.

OS is a software that lets you run your Computer. So whenever you buy a new Computer, you first get window 8 or Windows 10 loaded into it from the shopkeeper. Otherwise, you can never on your Computer without an OS.

This is also a question of System Software Why is the utter geometry. If you want to run User Software Means Application Software in Computer, they can never run without an OS.

This OS Helps Computer Hardware use well. Operating System works primarily, such as taking some input from keyboard, processing Instruction, and sending Output to Computer Screen.

The name of the OS used in Mobile is Android that everyone knows about. You must have known What is Operating System, so let’s know about some of its work.

List of Operating System

Different operating systems are used for different tasks. Here you’ve shared the OS list, which most people prefer to use.

Microsoft Windows:

Microsoft windows, generally known as windows, is a bunch of a number of proprietary graphical operating system households, all of that are developed and marketed by Microsoft. Every household caters to a sure sector of the computing trade. Lively Microsoft Home windows households embody Windows NT and Windows IoT; these might embody subfamilies, e.g. Windows Server or Windows Embedded Compact (Home windows CE). Defunct Microsoft windows households embody Windows 9x, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone.

Microsoft launched an operating environment named Home windows on November 20, 1985, as a graphical operating system shell for MS-DOS in response to the rising curiosity in graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Microsoft Home windows got here to dominate the world’s personal computer (PC) market with over 90% market share, overtaking Mac OS, which had been launched in 1984.

Apple got here to see Windows as an unfair encroachment on their innovation in GUI improvement as applied on merchandise such because the Lisa and Macintosh (finally settled in court docket in Microsoft’s favor in 1993). On PCs, Home continues to be the preferred working system. Nevertheless, in 2014, Microsoft admitted dropping the vast majority of the general working system market to Android, due to the huge development in gross sales of Android smartphones.

In 2014, the variety of Home windows units bought was lower than 25% that of Android units bought. This comparability, nevertheless, will not be totally related, as the 2 working techniques historically goal totally different platforms. Nonetheless, numbers for server use of Home windows (which can be corresponding to opponents) present one third market share, just like that for finish person use. The latest version in the market is Windows 10.

Windows 10

The acquainted Start Menu, which Microsoft changed with Stay Tiles in Home windows 8, returned in Home windows 10. Customers can nonetheless entry Stay Tiles and the touch-centric Metro interface from a panel on the fitting facet of the Begin Menu, nonetheless. It is loaded with latest features, advance security and more flexibility.

Windows 12

The Windows 12 Launch Date is anticipated to be dwell in December 2020. As per the sources, the Home windows 12 Launch Date will probably be on December 29, 2020. Already hundreds of Home windows customers have begun with the method of migrating or putting in Home windows 12 on their respective techniques. Windows 12 goes to be the most recent model of Home windows.

Google’s Android OS

Android is a mobile working system based mostly on a modified model of the Linux kernel and different open supply software program, designed primarily for touchscreen cell units comparable to smartphones and tablets.

Apple iOS

iOS (previously iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. completely for its hardware. It’s the working system that powers most of the firm’s cellular gadgets, together with the iPhone and iPod Touch; it additionally powered the iPad till the introduction of iPadOS, a spinoff of iOS, in 2019. It’s the world’s second-most broadly put in cellular working system, after Android. It’s the foundation for 3 different working methods made by Apple: iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS. It’s proprietary software program, though some components of it are open supply beneath the Apple Public Source License and different licenses.

Apple macOS

macOS is a collection of proprietary graphical working methods developed and marketed by Apple Inc. since 2001. It’s the major working system for Apple’s Mac computer systems. Inside the market of desktop, laptop computer and residential computer systems, and by net utilization, it’s the second most generally used desktop OS, after Microsoft windows.

Linux Operating System

Linux is a household of open-source Unix-like working programs based mostly on the Linux kernel, an working system kernel first launched on September 17, 1991, by Linus Torvalds. Linux is often packaged in a Linux distribution. Most favourite Linux OS are fedora, ubuntu, linux mint.


It was very famous operating system when Nokia mobiles were in the market. It had lots of gaming application and other softwares.

All these are favourite types of operating system. Apart from these there are few more OS.

Operating system functionality

Computer works a lot, but first when you’re on The Computer, the Operating System first means Main Memory RAM and then allocate all that User Software needs from The Kon Kon to Hardware. Below are different OS works, know about them, and in Detail.

1. Memory Management

memory management means primary and Secondary Memory To manage. Main memory means RAM is a bohat bytes of the same big Array.

In Memory, bohat is all small food where we pay something data could keep. Where pay is address to each of the food. Main Memory is the fastest running memory that CPU Direct uses. Because all the PROGRAM that runs the CPU is all in Main Memory.

Operating System does all these things.

  • Main Memory will be used by Konsa Hisa, will not be Konsa, how much will happen, how much will not be.
  • In multiprocessing, the OS decides which process will be given to Memory and how much will be given to whom.
  • Returns memory OS when you ask for Process Memory (Process means a task or a small task that’s inside the Computer)
  • When Process has completed its work, the OS takes back its Memory.

2. Processor Management (Process Scheduling)

When it comes to multi programming environment, the OS decides which process will get processor and who won’t get it and for how long.

This process is spoken to by Process Scheduling.OS does all this.

  • Operating System also sees whether Processor is empty or working, or Free and Whether The Process has completed its work. You can see how many things are running and how many are not in Task Manager. The program that gets all these things done is called Traffic Controller.
  • Allocates CPU to Process.
  • When a process is finished, it puts processors in a double task, and frees up processors if nothing works.

3. Device Management

If you use Driver in your Computer, you’ll know if you’re like Sound Driver, Bluetooth Driver, Graphics Driver, WiFi Driver, but these are helping to run different Input/Output Devices, but these drivers run the OS.

So let’s see what else these OS does.

  • Track all Computer Devices and the program that this task conducts is named I/O Controller.
  • To perform some task such as different process devices, the OS also performs the work of device Allocate. Take an example that a process has to do some task, such as play a video, remove Print, so both of them will be with the help of task task device monitor printer. So when to give both these devices to Process, the OS does this.
  • Deallocate back device when process work is finished.

4. File Management

In one file, Bohat is the sine quas of all Directories by organization. Because this allows us to easily find data. So let’s know what the OS works in File Management.

  • Keeps Information by organizing Location and Status. It sees all the file system.
  • Who will receive Konsa Resource.
  • Resource de-allocate.

5. Security

When you on your Computer, you ask the password, which means that the OS unauthenticated your system Access Prevents from. This keeps your Computer safe. And you can’t open some program without password.

6. Viewing System Performance

It looks at computer performance and improves the system. The OS keeps recording how much time it takes to deliver a service.

7. Error Telling

Detects and recovers all errors in the system.

8. Synergy between Software and User

  • Assign task to compiler, interpreter and assembler. Connects different software with the user, which uses the user software.
  • Provides Communication in the user and system bich.
  • The Operating System bios store. Also makes everyone’s application user-friendly.

Features of the operating system

  • An OS bohat is the collection of all program that runs the two-way program.
  • It controls all input/output devices.
  • The OS has the responsibility to run all application software.
  • Scheduling process means allocate process and deallocate.
  • Makes you aware of the errors and threats that are taking place in the system.
  • Establish a good synergy between User and Computer Programs.

By now all of you may have known How the OS works with (Function of Operating System). So let’s now know how many types of OS there are.

Types of Operating System?

The technology is changing day by day and everything is changing with it. So use the Operating System every Field Growing in Like Railways, Research, Satellite, Industry. Following are types of operating system.

  1. Batch Operating System
  2. Simple Batch Operating System
  3. Multiprogramming Batch Operating System
  4. Network Operating System
  5. Multiprocessor Operating System
  6. Distributed Operating System
  7. Time-Sharing Operating System
  8. Real-Time Operating System

1) Batch Processing Operating System

Batch processing operating systems is first types of operating system. They were brought in to remove earlier problems. It seemed to have more setup time if we talked about earlier systems.
This much set up time has been reduced to this batch processing systems in batches where jobs are processed. This type of OS is called the processing OS.

Whenever similar jobs are made to CPU for processing and run together.

The main function of batch processing system is to execute jobs automatically in batch. The most important thing that works in this task is batch monitor which is in the low-end of the main memory.

i) Simple Batch System

This is the oldest system that had no Direct interaction in the user and computer.com. In this system, the user had to move to a Storage Unit to process the task or job and submit it to the Computer operator.

It had a chord given to the Computer in a batch or line. Within a few days or within a few months, it was a job process and an Output Device had an Output Store. These systems used to process jobs in batch, so its name was also the batch mode operating system.

ii) MultiProgramming Batch Systems

MultiProgramming Batch Systems was raised to a job from memory in the operating system and execute it. If the OS keeps processing a job, if the same two job needs I/O, the OS gives the job to the CPU, and the first one is i/O because of this CPU is busy. It is famous types of operating system as it can do MultiProgramming.

The number of jobs in Memory is less than the number of jobs in our disk. If bohat stays in all jobs line, the OS decides the konsi job will be processed first. The CPU in this OS never remains B Idle.

The Time Sharing system is also a part of the Multiprogramming system. The Response Time in Time Sharing System is very low but the CPU usage is high in Multi programming.


1) No direct interaction between User and Computer.
2) This is like first come first serve process. The job which comes first will get processed first. So, the user had to wait more.

2) Network Operating System

Its abbreviation is NOS, the full form of NOS is “Network Operating System”. These network OS provide their services to computers that are connected to a network. It is famous types of operating system for networking for small business.

These include shared file access, shared applications, and printing capabilities if given.

NOS is a type of software that allows multiple computers to communicate together, to share files, and also with other hardware devices.

Earlier Microsoft Windows and Apple operating systems were not designed for a single computer usage and network usage. But as computer networks began to grow slowly and their use began to grow, such operating systems also began to develop.

There are mainly two types of a NOS (Network Operating System):
Peer-to-peer (P2POS, which are installed in each computer. The other is a client-server model with a machine that has a server and the other has a client software install.

Types of Network Operating System

These are mainly of two basic types of operating system when it comes to the type of Network Operating System, peer-to-peer NOS and client/server NOS:

1. Peer-to-peer network operating systems Allows users to share network resources that are saved in the common, accessible network location. In this architecture, all devices are treated equally according to functionality.

Peer-to-peer works best in small to medium LANs, as well as it’s much cheaper to set them up.

2. Client/server network operating systems users provides access to all resources through a server. In its architecture, all functions and applications are unifyed under a file server that uses the use of the individual client actions by exeCute can’t be in any physical location.

Client/server is very difficult to install, but it requires a large amount of technical maintenance. And it costs more.

The biggest advantage is that the network is centrally control, so that any changes can be made easily, and additional technology can also be incorporate.

On a network OS we can show a basic OS that runs on a network device, such as a router or firewall.

3) Multiprocessor System

In the multiprocessor system, all processors use a Common Physical Memory. Computing power is quite fast. All these processors work under an Operating system. Here are some of its Advantages below.


1) Speed is much more because Multiprocessor is used.

2) A lot of Task If process together so here the Pay System Throughput increases. Which means, how many jobs can be processed in a second.

3) In this OS, Task is split into sub Task, and each Sub Task is given to different processors, especially because of this, a task becomes Complete in a very short time.

4) Distributed Operating System

The only purpose of using the Distributed Operating system is that the world has a powerful OS and microprocessors have become very cheap, and communication technology is greatly improved.

Because of this advancement now Distributed OS made, which is very cheap and keeps far-away Computer from being blocked through the network. Which is a great achievement in itself.


1) All distant resources can be easily used, which resources are not empty.

2) Processing from them is Fast.

3) Load is lower on top of the Host machine, as Load Distribute is the chord.

5) Time Sharing Operating System

It provides some time through the OS to complete each task correctly, so that each task can be completed correctly. Each user uses a single system that gives cpu time. This type of system Multitasking Systems is also spoken.

Any task that happens in it can be either from a single user or a multi user.

The time it takes for each task to complete speaks quantum. The OS then starts the next task only after you complete each task.


Let’s know about the advantages of the time-sharing operating system.

  • This gives the OS an equal chance to complete each task.
  • It’s not easy to have a duplicasy software. which is non-existent.
  • It can easily reduce CPU idle time.


Let’s know about the disadvantages of the time-sharing operating system.

  • Reliability’s issue is more to be seen.
  • It has to take care of the security and integrity of everything.
  • Data Communication issue is a common problem.

Examples of time-sharing, operating system are:- Unix

6) Real-Time Operating System

This is the most advance operating system that real-time processes means missile, Railway ticket booking, satellite when leaving, if a second delay has gone all over the water, this OS is not idle at all.

These are two types,

1. Hard Real-Time Operating System

This is the operating system that is working within the time it is time to complete task.

2. Soft Real-Time

Soft Real-Time has a slightly lower time restriction. What happens if one task is running and at the same time another task is given priority to the new task first. These were some of the information types of OS.

What is Client Operating System?

Computer desktop A standalone computer processing unit occurs. These are designed to perform automation tasks for people. A desktop computer is very unique because it does not require any networks or external components to operate.

These client operating systems are mostly used in computer desktops or portable devices. These OS are typically different centralized servers because it supports only one user.

Smartphones and small computer devices use the client OS. These OS manages the components of the device, including Printers, monitors, and cameras. Each computer typically has a specific operating system.

These client OS provide multiprocessing power in a very minimal cost. Client Operating System Belongs to Windows® Linux®Mac® and Android®.

Each OS has been designed to perform some specific function on specific hardware. This hardware compatibility is the most primary consideration based on which a operating system is selected for client computers.

For example, in the present time Windows® is most used on the tor of client OS.

Closing Notes

So friends today’s information is quite important. It’s more important for a particular student. Now if this question comes up in Exam What is operating system? explain Function and Types of Operating System, you can easily answer it.

Well, according to me, the OS is coming up quite fast with new Features, like Windows 10 Make the same point.

Because at the beginning, the OS is the heart of the Computer. If you want to ask a question, please write in the Comment Box below and make any suggestions.
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