Opinions on The Formation of a Banana Republic

Anjali Jain
Former U.S. President Donald Trump raises his fist as he returns from a break in his criminal trial for allegedly covering up hush money payments at Manhattan Criminal Court on May 9, 2024 in New York City. Trump was charged with 34 counts of falsifying business records last year, which prosecutors say was an effort to hide a potential sex scandal, both before and after the 2016 presidential election. Trump is the first former U.S. president to face trial on criminal charges.

In the midst of the presidential election season, a prominent candidate and former president of the United States who is also a criminal defendant is confined to a filthy courtroom for four days of the week. During this time, he ought to be engaging in constructive dialogue with voters while touring the campaign trail.
That is abhorrent. Nevertheless, this marks merely the start.

A professional political operative for the presidential candidate’s opposition party is the daughter of the presiding judge. Furthermore, the candidate is bound by a prohibition order that is excessively broad and in violation of the constitution. The district attorney, who was funded by George Soros and ran on a platform of prosecuting that candidate, did not file charges until his predecessor, who was also left-leaning, decided against doing so on account of the patently frivolous nature of the case. Curiously, one of the Soros-funded district attorneys’ subordinates joined his team from a high-ranking position within the Department of Justice, which is led by the candidate’s principal political adversary, just in time to prosecute the candidate.

Furthermore, the candidate was this week the target of soiled and explicit testimony from a discredited former pornographic actress, who admitted in court that she “blacked out” during their alleged sexual encounter in 2006. As a result of the extensive gag order, the candidate was and remains legally prohibited from defending his honor and challenging her explicit, legally inconsequential assertions.

The United States of America is a banana republic

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America is confronted with numerous tangible and obvious challenges. Despite the existence of nominally low unemployment metrics, Americans generally express pessimism regarding the economy and inflation persists. Our southern border’s extreme openness has calamitous consequences, including artificially suppressed wages for the working class and the most pervasive illegal immigrant crime in American history.

Property and violent crime rates continue to be excessively high, particularly in major urban corridors. Energy prices ought to be significantly reduced; this would be the case if our imbecile leaders permitted producers to access the vast natural reservoir of hydrocarbons in the United States. Hostile regimes throughout the world engage in unrestrained and revanchist actions against our interests. Anxiety, melancholy, childlessness, and godlessness are on the rise domestically, all of which are indicators of a more extensive decline in civilization and a society that has lost faith in its own ideals.

In the midst of this, a typical, competitive presidential election would be preferable, one in which the failing incumbent is confronted head-on and his record is openly questioned. However, the American public is presently lacking access to any semblance of a typical presidential campaign. Donald Trump is confined to the New York courtroom of Judge Juan Merchan, preventing him from embarking on his campaign trail or attending his signature rallies attended by devoted supporters throughout the central region of the United States. The Americans who have been severely impacted by President Joe Biden’s irresponsible, crime-aiding border crisis, decades-high inflation, and ideological crusade against domestic energy production are those very supporters.

By way of these nefarious operations of the Democrat-Lawfare Complex, these frequently overlooked Americans are, to put it literally, prevented from hearing the complete argument against the Biden Regime. Rather than allowing the opponent of the Regime, Trump, to engage in electoral campaigns in Wisconsin, he is compelled to endure in silence the irrational rants of a convicted felon and a literal porn star in court (Michael Cohen)—all in service of a case that is beset by insurmountable statute of limitations issues and the structural absurdity of a locally based district attorney (Alvin Bragg, who is funded by George Soros) prosecuting and endeavoring to establish a federal offense (campaign finance).

Merchan has repeatedly threatened to imprison Trump if he continues to disobey his unconstitutional ban order. Moreover, Trump should remain silent or he will be reported to jail.
What a cruel and twisted farce everything is!

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Democrats appear to have neglected to consider the repercussions of a loss, which is an entirely plausible scenario considering the incumbent’s unfavorable swing-state polling and the pervasive discontent among voters. Should Trump emerge victorious, do Democrats genuinely not anticipate a reciprocal response from him? There is no turning back now that the Rubicon has been traversed and we have entered a world in which politicians seek not only electoral defeat but also prosecution and incarceration of their opponents.

Similar to how Senate Democrats’ “nuclear option” invocation in November 2013 to end filibustering for lower-court nominees prompted Republicans to do the same for Supreme Court nominees a few years later, the potential consequences of the legal precedent Democrats are currently establishing are similarly uncertain.

Obtaining new regulations has been completed. Despite the fact that many of us did not want these regulations, here we are. Thus, the battle begins.
Senior counsel for the Article III Project, presenter of “The Josh Hammer Show” and “America on Trial with Josh Hammer,” and senior editor-at-large for Newsweek, Josh Hammer is also a syndicated columnist.

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