Optical Components: A Brief Look Into The Types Of Optical Components


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Optical components bank on different means for altering the state of light. It makes use of techniques such as reflecting, filtering, focusing and even polarizing. This has led to its usage in an array of applications ranging from imaging to microscopy, interferometry and many more. Numerous industries engaged in testing, life sciences or measurement can be seen seeking out the help of different optical components. Read on to know in detail about the different types of optical components:


The main aim of optical lenses is to either diverge or focus light. They have found usage in a plethora of avenues ranging from laser processing to microscopy. While a Double-Convex or Plano-Convex lens allows the light to focus on one point, a Double-Concave or Plano-Concave lens leads to divergence of light as it travels through the lens. When it comes to transmission of ultraviolet spectrum, fused silica lenses are the best. Infrared spectrum calls for Zinc Selenide, Silicon and Germanium lenses. The Aspheric varieties can have your back at correcting spherical aberration while applications requiring color correction call for Achromatic lenses.


Just as the name suggests, filters can choose to transmit or reject a wavelength. It is commonly used in spectroscopy, fluorescence microscopy, machine vision inspection, clinical chemistry and similar applications. You can opt for filters having hard durable coatings which are meant for applications requiring maximum performance.


Optical mirrors can reflect light and are used in different applications such as interferometry, beam steering, illumination or imaging. Various industries like metrology, astronomy, solar etc. rely on different types of mirrors like metal substrate, flat, laser, focusing or specialty. You need to select the right reflective coating of mirrors for ensuring optimum reflectivity of the required wavelength.


Prisms can redirect light at a stipulated angle which makes it ideal for adjusting image orientation or ray deviation. The design of an optical prism determines its light interaction. Light can either reflect off several surfaces or an individual one after entering the optical prism. Alternatively, it might refract while travelling through the substrate.


The plane-parallel optical window plates can serve as a barrier against electronic detectors or sensors present in the external environment. However, for best results, you need to select them according to the substrate’s mechanical properties of material transmission.


You can split input light into two components with the beamsplitters which find extensive usage in illumination or laser systems.


Partially or optically transparent materials with ground edges and polished opposites go into the manufacture of optical wedges which come coated as per function. Laser industries usually bank on wedges with reflective or anti-reflective coatings carrying a higher threshold for power damage.


The optical components are specially designed with anti-reflection coating and specific substrates for adding to the performance efficiency in visible, ultraviolet and even infrared wavelengths. An Optical can serve as your one shop stop for a versatile inventory of different optical components which can have your back at a variety of industrial operations.

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