Is Sleep Really Our Very Own Defense Mechanism Against Flu?


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The flu is a term used for various strains and types of influenza viruses. You can get infected by flu at any time of year. But since the number of flu cases increases in the peak summer and winter months, this time of the year is usually called the “flu season.”

The flu can either affect your upper and lower respiratory tracts and is tremendously infectious. However, most people get well from the flu without any life-threatening complications.

In any case, this could be forestalled by having a flu shot like Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis, Covid, and so forth. Discuss with the doctor or drug specialist about getting one in advance. Immunizations are conceivably the most amazing weapon against becoming sick and preventing infection and are accessible to everyone. Alongside taking immunizations and other safety measures, getting a “Good Measure of Sleep” is one of the most important factors that help the body recover sooner from flu.

Flu Symptoms

Individuals who get flu don’t necessarily have similar warning signs. While symptoms may differ, they might widely include fever, sore throat, cough, runny nose or blocked nose passage, head, and body aches, chills, fever, tiredness, and motion sicknesses like nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. A significant number of these are like what you feel with a cold, yet the key distinctions are high fever and muscle pains.

Doctors strongly recommend that children from the age of 6 months and up must get a flu shot.

Antibiotics don’t work on flu since it is caused by viral strains and not bacteria. At times an antiviral prescription can mitigate your symptoms and abbreviate influenza extend. However, it relies upon the kind of flu you contracted. You can call your family doctor or just visit the nearest paramedics store to run a test to make the diagnosis.

Flu And Covid19

The year 2020 and 2021 had been tough years for everybody due to Covid, affecting billions of Indians with its variants.

One may fail to differentiate between COVID-19 and seasonal flu as they share almost the same symptoms, they’re not the same sickness. Flu is caused by various types and strains of influenza viruses. COVID-19, on the other hand, is triggered by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Since COVID-19 and flu, they’re both viral, antibiotics can’t treat them. The treatment for both includes tending to the side effects, so your body can more readily ward off the infection. Perhaps the best steps you can take for the two ailments are to eat, remain hydrated, and get a ton of rest and sleep. Sleep in very essential for your recovery in time. During and post covid, most of the patients have been reported to suffer from severe insomnia and stress.

One effective remedy for this is meditation and even doctors suggest this. Start with the meditation of lesser intervals and then gradually increase it. Meditation helps control the runaway thoughts in your mind which is the leading cause of insomnia and calms your nerves. Meditation brings relaxation to your body and mind and you can have a restful sleep.

Flu During Day Vs Night

Cortisol, a hormone secreted by the adrenal gland, helps control glucose levels, blood pressure, and metabolism. It likewise assists the body with controlling anxiety, normal functioning of the immune system, and lower soreness.

More cortisol flows into your blood during the day, which keeps checking on your immune system. This implies that your white platelets, which are answerable for battling a viral disease, are less operational during the day.

Around night time, there is less cortisol formation in your blood. Accordingly, your white platelets promptly distinguish and combat diseases in your body, inciting the symptoms of the virus to surface, like fever, blockage, chills, or perspiring. In this way, you feel more ill during the night.

As you have heard commonly, the best thing to do when you are ill is to rest. If not, you will be exhausting your body and thus, raising your cortisol levels.

Is Sleep Our Very Own Defense Mechanism Against Flu?

Is Sleep Really Our Very Own Defense Mechanism Against Flu

T-cells: There’s a quantifiable measure of confirmation that affirms that a good amount of rest plays a significant role in overall physical health. Alternately, it’s surely known that lack of sleep makes the way for a wide scope of ailments by debilitating the body’s safe immune system slowly and steadily.

In particular, it’s the T-cells that support our cell resistance and capacity to sustain ourselves from any kind of illness. Working on night shifts, late-night weekend parties, or just staying awake late at night can easily make you vulnerable to colds and influenza. Thus, it is necessary to follow the “early to bed, and early to rise” schedule and strictly hold on to this sleep time plan.

Brain protein: Sleep is related to a brain protein called AcPb that has been displayed to accelerate improvement in animal tests done in lab that were infected with seasonal influenza strain H1N1.

An additional division of the flu-sleep condition is attached to impact on fevers are much of the part of the ailment. Whenever you feel a rise in body temperature and hot, that is a sign your body is working diligently fighting against the virus. Fevers will more often go up during nighttime while you’re resting (and incidentally when your body is in full fix mode). Assuming you’re up late watching series, reading, or out partying and not sleeping, your body isn’t in its peak resisting condition.

Effectiveness of flu shot: According to a review, the individuals who are lacking sleep or rest are likewise aren’t getting the utmost benefit from their flu shots. Alongside the immunity being restrained, the body creates fewer antibodies and it takes more time for it to act in response to vaccination.

Healthy immune system: Sleep is a significant part of a healthy immune system, and you will make a speedier recovery as a result of it. While a good night’s sleep doesn’t ensure we won’t get a viral fever, it decreases the chances of flu infection.

Other Helpful Tips To Fight Illness

Stay hydrated: Fluid intake is the best to stay hydrated, alongside getting a lot of rest. Staying hydrated helps you flush out unwanted viral or bacterial infections and will assist you with recuperating quicker. You must also look for the things to help you stay cool at night.

Be ready: Keep every basic need next to your bedside table before you go to sleep like water, tissues, medication, and water. Saving your energy and getting the most rest conceivable will do marvel.

Build your immune system: Your immune system should be strong enough to fight off flu infection. Consuming vitamin C meds or eating citrus fruits containing vitamin C, drinking hot black tea, and getting a lot of rest can altogether assist with reinforcing your immune system.


When you feel sick, don’t become your own physician. Make a doctor’s visit for the best advice and result. Also, stay home, eat, sleep and rest, and get well soon!

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