Parcel Delivery: 6 Ways to ensure that your parcel is delivered safely


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Parcel Delivery

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Parcel Delivery: Imagine you’re standing beside your mail collection box waiting for your birthday present. Your mother had sent you parcel images to get you excited. The home delivery of the parcel was to happen today. However, you were disappointed after seeing the broken package in your wooden parcel box. The tampered parcel delivery left you upset. Well, you’re not alone. This is just one of the many incidents involving deliveries that happen every day globally. 

Yes, technological advancements have made real-time tracking possible. Same-day delivery has also transformed e-commerce. But, most services can’t guarantee the safe delivery of packages. Some parcels go missing or are even stolen. Some are left outside the parcel box, while others aren’t. The situation is worse during the holidays. Whether you’re an individual, or a small business owner, safely sending parcels is essential. Here are some ways to ensure that your package reaches you safely. Let’s take a look –  

Secure packaging is a must 

The first step to ensure that your package reaches safely is good packaging. Your parcel has to go through numerous stages of transit before getting delivered. For instance, parcel companies sort it as per weight, address, etc. Courier service then loads it into delivery vans along with other packages. Although reputable couriers take utmost care, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

It is always good practice to pack items in a cardboard box with thick walls. Such parcel boxes are strong and don’t quickly open or tear when mishandled. You can use an air pocket box to avoid any damage. Moreover, you can also secure your parcel box by using a double layer of tape. If what you are sending is fragile, please make sure you put a label and use bubblewrap. 

Ensure receiver has a parcel drop box 

It is a given that you write the address details accurately. However, many people don’t ensure that the receiver has a parcel dropbox. A reliable parcel dropbox is one way to ensure that the delivered parcel is not hampered. A parcel box would allow the receiver to keep the package safe until retrieved with a key. 

Many people have a large mounted post box, while others have a small lockable parcel box. Nevertheless, delivery services won’t leave the parcel outside with a parcel box. These parcel boxes are beneficial even when the receiver is not home. The delivery person can just keep the package in a lockable box, and that’s it. As a sender, you should also have your parcel box installed. This will help you get the parcel back from unsuccessful attempts. 

Provide all necessary documents and labels 

You’ve to provide all the necessary documents required to send a parcel. This may include documents stating details of the parcel, value, and labels. Yes, labels. Pre-paid labels are crucial for secure parcel delivery. These are especially important when sending fragile items. Some services provide labels. You don’t have to worry about anything. All you have to do is fill them out, print them and attach them to your parcel. Make sure you pack these labels in a plastic bag to protect them from rain. 

Follow regulations to avoid delivery failure 

Now that you’ve packed your parcel, written the address, let’s move on to the next checklist. Not following geo-specific regulations while shipping sensitive goods can lead to a failed delivery attempt. Following guidelines is especially important when most authorities have imposed pandemic restrictions. 

Ensure that you are not sending any prohibited items. Also, remember to adhere to all the shipping rules while doing the paperwork.  You might foot a bill of the additional fee if you fail to do so. Worst-case scenario: your package would be returned. You can also take advice from a professional broker. 

Hire a trusted courier service that offers live-tracking

It may look like all courier services are the same; they’re not. While hiring a service make sure, they offer a high-quality experience like Sydney Courier Zoom2U does. Make sure you get complete tracking services, even for heavy parcel delivery. This means you should be able to track your shipment at all checkpoints. It would be best to always look for a service that offers real-time tracking.

Tracking is critical when sending an extra-large parcel box. You can share the tracking number with the receiver. Real-time monitoring is the best way to keep up with any delays or issues in transit. A secure delivery also depends on how the courier service handles your package. You can ask them to show a demo if possible. Get a shipping insurance 

Most of the mishaps in parcel delivery happen during shipping. It either is stolen or goes missing, or gets damaged. Sometimes the delivery service also sends your package to another location. The best way to ensure nothing like this happens is to get insurance. It will help if you browse all the cover plans your service provider offers. 

You can also compare those plans with third-party insurance providers. Your insurance plans will depend on your parcel value. You can get a quote from everyone before you opt for a plan. Once you find a suitable plan, complete all the formalities. Remember to choose a plan covering theft, damage, and other accidents. Also, always remember to read all the terms and conditions.

That’s all – your parcel will reach safely

Well, it looks like you’ve checked on the points on the list. This checklist may seem basic but is very helpful in ensuring safe delivery. If you are in touch with the receiver, you can call and ensure secure delivery. If you run a small business, you can get ratings for your delivery service. These ratings will help you decide on your future delivery partner. 

Some other things that you should keep in mind are : a) keeping the tracking number safe, b) sharing your experience with other people. You can also note down their experience and give a Google review. This way, you can help millions of people avoid the struggles you face. 

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