Never Worry Again About Passing Cisco 700-680 Certification Exam! Use These Tips to Guarantee Passing Score!


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The Certbolt certification exam is also known as the Cisco Collaboration SaaS Authorization test. The target audience for this assessment is formed of Account Managers or Presales Engineers. In general, the candidates who register for this evaluation want to develop foundational knowledge of Cisco’s Collaboration SaaS solutions to sell Cisco’s cloud-based services effectively.

The test is quite challenging and requires examinees to have a very good command of the tested topics. During the exam, you will be expected to answer certbolt questions in just half an hour. Yes, you heard it right! You only have 30 minutes to get the right answer to inquiries related to Webex Market, Webex Meetings, Webex Teams, and more. Is it impossible to get a passing score in this evaluation? Nothing is impossible as long as you carefully organize your preparation routine with these 3 steps. Let’s take them one by one!

Consider These 3 Tips to Pass the Cisco 700-680 Certification Exam

1. Go through the test’s blueprint

One of the most important documents you should review before jumping into taking the exam is its blueprint. It offers details on all the skills you will need to develop to pass this assessment with flying colors. To ace the certbolt exam, you will need to understand the market opportunity for Webex. Also, your familiarity with the technical and sales aspects of the Webex meeting will be evaluated. Furthermore, if you check the test’s syllabus, you will discover that you need to consolidate your expertise on Webex Calling, Webex Control Hub, and Webex Security features. Last but not least, you should develop an understanding of Collaboration Flex Plan, Webex Try and Buy, and Smart Accounts.

2. Take advantage of Cisco’s official training materials

Reviewing the exam’s topics will help you understand what are the test’s objectives. It is also an effective self-assessment tool that will help you identify your strong and weak points. Once you define the topics on which you need to focus, you can consolidate your knowledge using various training tools. It is recommended that you start with the official course for Cisco 700-680 exam, the certbolt Authorization Training. It goes through all the topics included in the test’s syllabus. Additionally, you will have access to the vendor’s online community. Thus, you will have the opportunity to discuss with other test-takers who are open to sharing their insights on exam preparation and offer you different effective study techniques.

3. Use practice tests as the final touch

As already mentioned, the test’s duration is very limited. So, you will have less than 1 minute per question to offer the correct answer and leave enough time for revisions at the end. Practice tests can become your ally when preparing for the certbolt assessment. They include similar questions to the ones you’ll find in the real exam. Certbolt or ExamSnap are some reliable sources where you can find authentic practice tests.


The tips highlighted in this article will be your best friends when preparing for the Cisco 700-680 exam. They offer you guidance on the fundamental steps you need to take to develop an effective preparation strategy. In summary, go through the test’s syllabus, enroll in the official training classes, and use practice tests to validate your certbolt . Good luck!

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