Peloton hype – how useful is the content of the Peloton app without a Peloton bike?


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Since November 2019 it has also been possible in Germany to be part of the hyped peloton community, which hardly anyone passed by. Everywhere you are confronted with the high-tech bikes and the top coaches kicking on them: the peloton coaches are beaming and sweating on huge advertising posters and in TV spots and only give an idea of ​​the motivational boost they give off during their workouts. What many do not know, however, is that the Peloton training app can also be used without the Peloton Bike . Even if you don’t have an exercise bike at home, you can train with Peloton. But how good is training with the app without the associated high-end technology?

The peloton’s secret of success is

procrastination. We all know It occurs to you that you have to do something quickly, which is why you can’t make it to the gym after work. That can’t happen to you with training apps like Peloton’s. Because you can always train, do your workout easily at home and are not tied to any fixed times.

Peloton has not only made use of the flexibility aspect, but also draws on the power of the masses. The huge community that virtually motivates and pushes each other is the core of the success strategy and meanwhile more than 5,000 pelotonistas meet in the German peloton forums or in the peloton blog . In addition, Peloton presents true elite trainers. Irène Scholz and Erik Jäger were the first two German-speaking super coaches who not only heat up with their expertise and their fans, who have already gathered far away from Peloton, but also with their irrepressible energy and motivate them to workout.

Those who deliver correctly will be celebrated by name by the coach during live training, after all you can follow all participants on the leaderboard, a kind of ranking list. It is also possible to give each other high fives during training, take part in challenges and compete with others. This promotes the addiction factor and makes you want more. And if there is currently no live workout taking place, but you are in the dire situation of only having time for a workout now, there is still no room for excuses: You simply use one of the countless on-demand training courses in the media library.

Cost of the Peloton app

Admittedly, the Peloton Bikes is a hefty investment with its price starting at 2,145 euros. The Peloton membership is not yet received, this costs an additional 39 euros per month. However, if you have this, you also have direct access to the associated app.

But now the really good news: you don’t need a bike or membership to access Peloton’s training content. The app enables everyone with access to smart devices to enjoy the training content. The cost of the Peloton app is – compared to the rest of the Peloton offer – just 12.99 euros per month.

Contents of the Peloton App

As is the case with virtual trainings, you can train with the training contents of the Peloton App anytime and anywhere. Either live workouts or on-demand training are available to you. As far as the type of training is concerned, you are literally spoiled for choice and can choose between the categories of strength, yoga, meditation, bootcamp, stretching, cardio, walking and the well-known cycling and running courses.
As far as the coaches are concerned, nothing to be desired is left unfulfilled. German-speaking and English-speaking coaches, all with their own training style and taste in music, will get you going. You also have access to various programs, such as an abdominal muscle building program, two-week training plans or even running plans for marathon training or the first 5 kilometers in a row. You can also take part in monthly changing challenges, compare yourself with others, track your development and stay on the ball in the long term.

The training can be filtered not only according to the type of workout, but also according to your favorite trainer, music style, duration of the training and level of difficulty. There should be something for everyone.

Other functions of the Peloton app

An absolute advantage of the app is the pre-loading function. So if you ever knowingly have to get by without WiFi, simply download the relevant courses in advance and call them up later at your training time. The app can be connected to Bluetooth-compatible heart rate monitors for optimal tracking of your workout. Coupling with the Apple Health app is also possible. All training content in the app can be conveniently displayed on the smart TV or a tablet. With every live training you can show the leaderboard at any time and see who is still taking part in the workout and who may be pulling you off or not. You can give or receive high fives or get respect from the coach for your performance

Peloton Bike Sessions without Peloton Bike

Of course you can also train with your exercise bike , which is not a high-end Peloton device, with the app and, for example, simulate cycling courses. However, since no live data is played on Peloton in this way, you miss the community aspect. So you will not appear on the leader board, receive no high fives and most likely will not be celebrated by the coaches during the workout. However, if you don’t necessarily need this motivation, you can of course benefit from the offers on your own and create your very own, guided training routine.

Conclusion: why not?

Basically, the Peloton app is definitely recommended – not only for beginners, but also for advanced athletes who at one time or another lack the motivation or inspiration for a good workout or a long-term plan.

Sure, there are certainly cheaper or even free fitness apps, but the range of courses offered is rarely as diverse and high-quality as at Peloton. You really have to let the app do that. Most workout apps are about either bodyweight training or yoga or strength training or running and cycling. That’s not the case with Peloton.

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