Pennsylvania: Selling Your House Fast In Pennsylvania


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Pennsylvania is undoubtedly a beautiful state. However, with a $45k average annual cost of living (2021 MERIC), the chances are that you want to relocate.

You want someplace where feeding, utilities, and basic amenities are significantly lower than the national average. And it’s okay – really.

But first, you must sell your home. You will need all the money you can get to settle in the new state.

So, you would wait 45 days (annual average days on the market) to sell your house in Pennsylvania?



You can sell your house fast – even within a week. This article contains the different ways you can achieve that.

Let’s delve in!

3 Ways To Sell Your House Fast In Pennsylvania

Sell To A Cash Buyer 

Also called flippers, cash buyers are the best bet to sell your house in any condition and get paid superfast. If you like, you can repair the home or sell it as is.

However, I’d recommend that you repair the little you can do. For example, you can apply new paint to tone up the aesthetics.

Furthermore, cash buyers have some of the fastest timelines to sell houses. You can get an offer and close the sale as soon as a week.

But if you delay the process, the timeline would trickle down to 2 weeks. Compared to 45 days, that’s way better.

The best part – you won’t pay any service fee or commission when you sell to a cash buyer.

If I were you, I’d take the deal; I’d sell my house fast to a cash buyer in Pennsylvania. I’ll explain why further in the article.

Sell To iBuyers

Similar to cash buyers, iBuyers also offer superfast payments for houses. In some cases, you can even get paid and close the deal within 5 days.

However, selling houses to iBuyers is hectic. How so?

  • First, not all houses qualify. For example, if you don’t live in popular and large cities like Philadelphia, your home would likely not qualify.
  • Despite selling for the same rates as cash buyers, iBuyers require a commission. In some cases, the fee can be as high as 10%.

Similar to iBuyers: home trade-in is relatively new. And like iBuyers, they apply to select markets. Here, you’ll get “upfront” to foot your move or buy a house in the new city. The company will put your home on sale for you. But the process takes time.

Sell In Open Markets

Selling in open markets is different from dealing with cash buyers and iBuyers. For starters, you’ll need to get an agent.

The agent will then guide you on how to list your home on the open market. However, nothing is assured – but sales (timelines) are usually better than DIY.

Another thing you should know:

You’ll pay a commission fee when you sell in open markets. However, don’t fret. The rate is cheaper than iBuyers: 6%.

And since the offer on open markets is usually higher than with iBuyers, the commission is a bargain.

The only sideline is that sales can take up to 3 weeks. Also, you could spend a further 10 days to close the deal. That’s a little shy of the conventional 45-day timeline.


Of the three options, selling to a cash buyer is the best. You can sell your home as is, without commission, and in any city in Pennsylvania.

However, ensure you consult a fair and transparent cash buyer.

Last note: if you have the time, compare the prices of at least 3 cash buyers before choosing “the one.”

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