3 Ways To Enhance The Appearance Of A Photo Book


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Photo Book: The way in which you choose to present your favorite photographs in chic and stylish layflat photo books can greatly enhance the visual appeal of the pictorial story you are telling, and sharing with others. Adding embellishments, like text and professional design features, and using clever editing techniques, can help to instantly transform your snaps into wow factor photos.

To create a professional quality photo book, try our 3 easy ways…

Add Text And Extras #1

Although your photo books don’t have to be works of art, if you want your family and friends to enjoy the experience of viewing them, it’s essential that you consider adding some text, comments, captions or anecdotes that bring your photos to life.

Your layout doesn’t have to be fancy. A visual presentation that is simple is far more elegant and classy than one that features bells and whistles. By focusing on creating a layout that isn’t overcrowded with too many photos, you allow room for adding personalisation in the form of comments or captions. You can include diary style text that lets browsers know what is going on in the photographs, along with funny anecdotes about amusing things that happened on the day. And don’t forget to proofread the text, before it’s printed in your beautiful bespoke photo album!

Extras, such as a map, are great to add to a themed photo album that happy and fond displays memories of your family holiday, solo travel adventure, or the exotic expedition of a lifetime. Adding extras also makes creating photo books a fun project that you will look forward to once you’ve returned from a trip, attended a wedding or event, or have amassed sufficient snaps to curate and display in another photo album.

Show Off Design Features #2

Before you can start creating your photo book, you will need to pick your preferred format. Layflat photo books are designed to showcase your favorite photographs in glorious double-page spreads, rather like a stylish glossy magazine, and are therefore perfect for landscape format images. Alternatively, you can always opt for a photo album that is square in shape, instead of the traditional landscape.

Next, choose from a range of page templates that allow you to add up to 9 photos on every page. You can also include full-page photos and double-page formats, to give your photo albums a truly unique and customized appearance. And of course, the cover design of the personalised photo book should ideally hint at what browsers can expect to find beautifully displayed inside. Choose from a fabric or hard and soft cover, with or without foil stamping or degassing detail. Adding a title to the cover of the premium photo album also helps to make your collection of photos an exclusive arrangement.

Stunning high-resolution landscape and panoramic photos definitely deserve to be highlighted on a layflat double-page spread. The layflat pages of your photo album allow the photos to be printed without interruption, for seamless breathtaking presentation.

If you love to take portrait shots, it’s best to show them off with clever design features, such as the use of white space. There’s absolutely no need to cover every page with photos from edge to edge. Framing and complementing your favourite portrait photos with white space makes the arrangement and display look fabulously stylish, fresh and professional.

Arranging photos in chronological order transforms your photo album into a visual storybook. Feature your favourite photographs from the beginning of the event that you’ve captured, and continue the narrative to the middle and end. Select the best and most spectacular final shot to close your story with.

It’s also important to pay attention to the colours featured in your photos on display. Double page layflat spreads that highlight similar coordinating colours or contrasting hues create a striking appearance. To avoid clashing colours, you may need to rearrange one or two photos in your chronologically ordered arrangement. The balanced colour palette end result however, will be worth it.

Experiment With Editing #3

Editing is equally important, in the creative process, as choosing the best photographs to feature in the pages of a beautiful bespoke photo album. If you’ve recently got married and captured some of the happiest memories in your life, or have just returned from holidaying in a paradise destination that was featured on your travel bucket list, it can be tempting to want to cram every single snap into your photo book pages. To enhance the appearance of a photo book with a professional finish, less really is more.

Curate your photos with a critical eye and select your favourite and the best shots for inclusion. Think like a photographer, and learn to be picky. Give the blurry but interesting snaps a miss, and only choose the high-resolution images. If you have a huge pile of photographs of the same event or special occasion, you can always create multiple photo albums that are themed in a series. Owning a series of professional quality photo books means that you’ll have something personal and cherished to pass down through the generations of your family.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with pro editing tools and techniques like adding filters and cropping. You can simplify the process by using a photo editing app to make the stunning photographs in your premium layflat photo books look their very best.

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